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Civil War Question


Yesterday I bought Civil War as a Graphic Novel from Forbidden Planet (I actually was struggling to choose between Civil War and Jupiter’s Legacy!).

I know that this may come across a dumb question but why does Spiderman have extra “arms” at the beginning of the book? Is this something to do with technology that Tony Stark has been developing for him?


Okay first spoiler tags are [ spoiler] to open and [ /spoiler] to close but remove the spaces I put in for the example, it doesn’t work if you put in a paragraph break. Since Civil War is nearly 10 years ago now I don’t think we’re too worried about spoilers though.

On to the story, yes it was leading up to Civil War that Peter felt his family were threatened so he turned to Stark for help and he made him the extra arms costume. It was a brief thing because as you know from the book he turns against Stark’s side.


In JMS’ run on “Amazing Spider-Man”, they had been building up a close relationship between Peter and Stark over the couple of years prior to Civil War: Peter got a job at Stark industries and Aunt May and Mary Jane moved into Avengers Tower after May’s home got destroyed by an enemy of Spider-Man (this was also around the time that Spidey joined the New Avengers).

The Peter/Tony relationship was a nice development that felt pretty natural and led to the tech-enhanced red-and-gold suit. And of course, it made their falling-out in Civil War all the more powerful if you had invested in those earlier stories.

For that reason, I’d say that if you’re going to check out any of the CW tie-ins, it’s the JMS Spidey stuff leading up to and during the event that’s most worth it. It enriches the main story quite a bit.


I just started re-reading it yesterday, and was thinking the same thing about spidey.


Thanks guys. That explains a lot!

Civil War is pretty awesome so far…

I did try and use the spoiler tags but I was using the wrong handler.


I just finished Civil War last night, without any spoilers can somebody tell me what to read next to keep it consistent? I’m on the edge of my seat here! I did google this but I get a lot of exposition explaining the “why read this” and I’d rather stay as blind to what’s coming as possible.
So, is there a comprehensive list of which books to read next? (that doesn’t give to much away :wink: )


It’s difficult because the ramifications then run into all the books across the Marvel line but I would recommend the next bit to read is Ed Brubaker’s Death of Captain America which immediately follows what happens to him at the end of Civil War (and is a very good comic).


From memory, I think the next big event after Civil War was World War Hulk (where the Hulk comes back from space where he was exiled by some of his teammates, and they all have to fight him), and then Secret Invasion (which is about a covert alien invasion by shape-changers who disguise themselves as some of the Marvel heroes).


Yes, Cap’s story is good if you enjoy that character. I was thinking more of big group Avengers stories.

If you like Iron Man, Matt Fraction’s “The Five Nightmares” picks up directly from the end of CW.


Thanks guys, Cap and Ironman will be the next ones I pick up.