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Civil War - cool boxset


Thought this was worth posting in its own thread in case MM hadn’t seen it yet - in March Marvel are publishing a giant Civil War boxset of hardcovers collecting the entire event, to coincide with the movie:

Yours for just $500! :open_mouth:

Who draws the definitive version of *that* character?

Saw this yesterday too.

Also saw the price too! A bit rich for my tastes but it does look like a nice package.


A bargain at $500 and it has the ‘cult classic’ Civil War: Frontline - some people must like that, right?


Wow. I’m actually kind of surprised that Marvel is thinking far enough ahead to have a trade in place for a film.


There’s also a colouring book coming for some reason.

Finally, ask yourself – whose side are you on? More importantly, do you want to make them red, blue, green or yellow? Go inside one of the biggest Marvel events of all time with the CIVIL WAR COLORING BOOK! Captain America and Iron Man stand divided, along with the entire superhuman community. And it’s up to you to put the hue back in these huge Super Hero battles!


To be fair, Civil War is one of the few they keep in print, and that keeps selling.


Adult colouring books are now selling huge amounts of copies. Apparently works well for stress relief.


There’s your chicken and egg, Gar. :wink:


That looks really cool! I’ve read the Civil War trade but none of the others. Are they all available in paperback as singles? $500 is way to steep for me.


The tie-ins are a bit diminishing returns. It’s one of the first series where you can enjoy the main title without the others. All the other stuff is a bit completist.


I’d argue that a couple are better than the main series though, in a complimentary way. They were allowed to be more introspective, which was nice.
I haven’t read them in about seven years though so maybe they aren’t as good as I remember?


Coloring books have become a popular tool in occupational and recreational therapy. They are really good for the geriatric population in folks who are struggling with dementia. They use a wide range of skills and access ancient memory paths. And they’re fun - ask any colorist!


As mentioned in the other thread, they’re good for keeping my heathen mind from wandering off to think about other things when listening to classical music (and also Have One On Me by Joanna Newsom, 2 hours is a long time). I also found them very helpful when I used to work in a call centre,when somebody starts trying to verbally demolish you, colouring in pictures of little hedgehogs keeps me from going all Aaron Stack from that issue of Nextwave.

What’s $500 in proper money? About a tenner?


Looks like about 322 GBP.


Civil War set, $500.

Judge Dredd, 80 volumes at $20 apiece. $1,600 plus shipping.

All the MillarWorld volumes, bought separately, about $200.

Just a thought. :books: