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Civil War at last night's MTV Music Awards


Clip looks good. We’ve never really seen Cap do anything cool, but he’s doing cool stuff here:



I thought he was pretty cool when he jumped out of the back of an aircraft without a parachute. :wink:


Or beat up all those guys in that lift.


Nah, we’ve all done that at some point… right?


I assume @Will has at least. :wink:


Looking forward to Civil War!


That was really cool Cap action.

Scarlet Witch’s powers still seem really nebulous and vague…but I guess that’s staying true to the comics.


Shuttup! Your face is nebulous and vague!


From what I gathered from Age of Ultron they are going primarily with her being a telekenetic, which is what she does in that clip.

Then there are the dream bits which yeah are pretty vague and nebulous.


In Ultron she also gets into people’s minds and does something weird to them. That is what led to the Hulk smashing Wakanda (if I remember right).


Which is the most interesting power, but not as readily useful in a fight as a forcefield, or flying.

So the change makes sense cinematically, even if it sacrfices some drama.

It wasn’t Wakanda, it was a city in South Africa.


Yes those are the ‘dream bits’ I was referring to.


If I recall, that was why Joss Whedon wanted to include Quicksilver and The Scarlet Witch in the movie. He reckoned that the Avengers already had a lot of characters with punching, hitting, firing deathrays sort of powers. These characters gave him some new options.