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Citizen Monsters: my 'superhero' novel


Hey. I just finished my first novel, a political/ superhero/ horror mashup called Citizen Monsters, which I’m releasing for free under creative commons. reproduce and distribute as much as you want. The pdf and mobi links are here

The tone and subject are in line with comics like Miracleman, Harbinger, or Supreme Power, if those things are to your liking. I’ve always wanted to do comics, but never could find an artist, and ultimately decided I would tell the story I always wanted to tell, without any constraints on content. It’s really violent and profane, but also quite philosophical. I hope people here like it. The proper blurb is below:

We are here to do the work of Monsters .

Everyone knows things are bad, we know the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. We know the venal and corrupt rule the world. We know that it pays to prey on human weakness. We know we are not leaving a better world for the ones who come after us, and the ones who are coming after us already know it, too. But we cope with it. Because we have no choice. Because no one person has the power to really change it. …But what if someone did? What if a group of disaffected young people stumbled across something that suddenly made them the judges of the world, and everyone in it?

–The debut novel from Zac Braciszewicz, Citizen Monsters is a violent and profane sci-fi parable for our troubled times, a superhero story unlike any other, and a horror story about what those who have been robbed of their futures will do when they’re no longer powerless.