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CHUNKS on me....


Hi everyone,

About a month ago i had a hard drive that decided to give up the ghost.
I lost everything, including the comic below.
I was gutted, seven years worth of stories and comics i’d made.
Luckily, i got some great advice for you lot on here and i managed to salvage the majority of my work.
I lost a little, but i’m back on track.

Just before that debacle, I did a kickstarter for CHUNKS, which failed too.
(We are are still making it and in fact we just finished #2:smile: ) )
But, that was still two kicks in the dangly bits in quick succession!

So, I have this comic which i am so proud of, i don’t have a publisher for it, i nearly lost it and the kickstarter was a flop.

After all these set backs i had an epiphany.
What is the point of having a comic if no one gets to read it?
Who am i?
I’m not a known comic writer, i’m just a guy who likes to write comics for fun and laughs at his own jokes.
Yes, i could submit it to comixology, which i’ll most likely do when the covers are finished.
But, even then, are people gonna read it, based on the two inch pic on a website and a description that says stuff like “cock jokes a plenty”?
Yeah, maybe…
But, not as many people as i want.

So, i just wanted to give the first issue away for free.
One, to say thanks for all the advice about saving my work and two, because, i bloody well can, that’s why!

Thanks guys, you lot rock.


Well done, Matt! The artwork reminds me (in a good way) of Rob Guillory’s work on CHEW, and the story is certainly unique. I like the spare use of colors just on sound effects. All in all, a very professional effort.


Cheers, Jerry.
Really appreciate the kind words, buddy.

I love the art too, my guy Cris really hit it outta the park…and his art just keeps getting better.

Thanks again, j


Agree with everything Jerry said. Although it’s not the kind of thing I normally read, it is a great story and very well made. Good luck with it :smile:


Hi David,

Thanks for reading it and for the kind words.
I’m very proud of this book :smile:


I remember a few preview pages of Chunks from the old forum.

Good on you for putting it up for free like this. I believe that isn’t going to hurt any potential sales down the road - I don’t think I’m alone in that I do like to have a physical copy of something that I’ve enjoyed. I spend enough time on a computer as it is. And now your work’s stuck in my head much more firmly.
Best of luck with this, Matt. I’m sure you wont forget to tell us when its available in hardcopy.


Hi Mike,

Cheers for checking it out, buddy.
The old forum…those were the days.
Apparently i’m a “basic user” whatever that means?
Thought i’d at least be some kind of ambassador, perhaps a general of some sort…but, hey ho… :smiley:

I don’t think it will hurt sales either.
I just wanted people to get to read it, especially after i nearly lost it too.

I love a physical copy too and i still bag an board, but them my comics get "filed"
Then 9/10 i buy a digital veit within the “Non Filing” system…

I am a bit of a comixology whore, i must admit! :wink:

Cheers again, Mike!


You need to make friends with the right people! :wink:


Don’t look at me, I’m still not sure how I got the gig :confused:




i’ve only been here for about five years…that’s all i’m saying! :smiley:


Joking aside, when the Ambassador label was introduced it was explained that it wasn’t about how long people have been a member of the boards or anything like that, it was more just a personal choice of certain favoured regulars by the new board admins.

If it’s any consolation, quite a few other well-established long-serving posters weren’t chosen for the label either (and some of them seem to have stopped posting now, which is a shame).


i’m just busting balls.
I don’t care really, :wink:


Oh, if anyone wants to read #2 send me your email and i’ll drop box it. :wink:


I am looking forward to reading Chunks #2, I’m saving it for a break activity during report writing. Which I should have started…

It was a nice surprise to find Chunks #2 in my e-mail in box the other day. It’s a real shame you didn’t hit the funding target Matt.


It’s fine, buddy.
It happens.
If it was easy conning you lot outta money, everyone would be doing it! :smiley:
Can’t wait for you to read #2, i’d love to know what you think!


Thought you guys might like to see the cover for issues 1 :smiley:


Cover for #2!


Just had these made! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Just got this from my artist in the post… From Itally.