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CHUNKS!!! CHUNKS #3!!! It's FINALLY coming!


I know.

…Exactly 187 seconds later + the time taken for one very prolonged bleeurrrgghhhh!!!

I ate a bagel for breakfast, Matt. Today!

The thing about the thing is I’m not sure if I’ll be eating a bagel in the morning. :grimacing:


I wouldn’t
Same reason why i always wipe my balls on the curtains of EVERY hotel room i stay in…because i know they don’t change those as much as the bed linen! :joy:


That’s okay. I always get my butler to open the curtains when I stay in hotels.

Also, ewwww. Boys are icky!

AND another thing. Some git scribbled all over the front of me comic, Matt. So I went back and bought another one. Guess what - it was scribbled on too!! It’s an outrage, I tells you. An absolute outrage. I shall be writing a very stern letter to The Daily Planet to complain. Mark my words, Lois will Croc Dundee your head as a result.


Thanks for buybeing no it :slight_smile:


That was fast. Did Lois lob a chunk out of your brain already? Your wordses are all garbledy-Garveyed! I didn’t even have time to write a letter. Must’ve been @SimonJones on my behalf.

Chunks is as reliably funny as ever. (Unlike me. Not my fault. The butler Mr. Sexytime Jarvis O’Vision isn’t just marvellously handy with the curtains :blush: ).

Cheers Matt.

Now, when does white NOIR come to town, exactedly? Soonest, I hopeses!

In the meantime, the rest of you lot – go buy Chunks.


Very VERY soon!
You’ll love it…or hate it…if I’m honest I don’t really care…after you’ve bought it I don’t do refunds! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How soon is SOON, Matt?
Like waiting for Santy Claus soon?

I wants it NOW!

And if I don’t like it, I’ll never tell.

You really did make my day so much better via Chunks btw. No joke. Thank you so much. :kissing_heart:


Hopefully by end of October it should be ready…if not November, so not too long to wait!

Awwww, that so sweet, thank you so much.
I am glad you liked…i do like to try and make people laugh…i’m needy like that! :smiley:


Scribbling! You should count yourself lucky… some young upstart drew man bits all over one of my Chunks issues!


Don’t start! I was aiming to be all polite and ladylike. I dread to think where the scribbles originated. :stuck_out_tongue:


Coming from the guy who bought a copy of a buddy and asked me to deface it with willies! :joy:
I felt so bad after I did it…





They weren’t all happy days…strong text