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CHUNKS!!! CHUNKS #3!!! It's FINALLY coming!


He wanted to read the “Human book”.


i love him already! :blush:
You have a very cool kid!


Look what arrived!

Cheers Matt.


Shweeeeet…glad it got there safe, buddy!
Thanks again for all the support. :blush:


Hey! Someone drew on yours too!


The moaning I got from you when I forgot to signed ONE comic, that time! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This was a very fun read. I won’t ruin any of the jokes but there are some really funny moments. The art is perfect for the tone of the story too. Great stuff Matt!


Awwwww, cheers, mate!
When people say it’s funny, that means the world to me.


My personal highlight was the page that can be summed up in two words: Crocodile Dundee. That actually had me roaring with laughter.


Yep, that was a cracker.


I think if you gre up in the 80s, like me it was one of them films that was burned into my memory…and I always loved THAT bit…

Also, the bagel bit was my entry to the first MillarWorld annual competition…that didn’t win.
…that’s one of the reasons #3 too so long.
I pulled that joke out and had the chrononauts do THAT to Hitler! :joy:
Little victories, because killing him woulda changed history too much…they do THAT! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


…but it was a piece of cake instread…delicious chocolate cake…with added nuts. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It might say a lot about me that what I thought he was doing to the bagel was slightly worse than what he was actually doing to the bagel. :slight_smile:


I’ll leave that up to 'the reader to decide what actually REALLY happened :joy:


Ok, now I’m not so sure. :smiley:


Depends how much you love bread!


90% sold out…just saying!
So, get in quick


‪Soooooooo, CHUNKS #3 coming to @comiXology NEXT WEEK for #NCBD!‬
‪Only 69p/99c!‬
‪Tell your friends!‬


Hey Matt! You owe me for the thing about the thing with the thing.

Or maybe I owe you for the thing about the thing with the thing.

I’m not entirely certain which way round it is. :dizzy_face:


arrr, My Homage to the great Elliot Gould in Oceans 11 :wink: