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CHUNKS!!! CHUNKS #3!!! It's FINALLY coming!


I know a few of you…especially @RonnieM have been on my bottom, wanting to know “where is it, Matt? You said it was coming!!!..why would you lie to us?!”

Well, I wasn’t lying, I swear!
Cris…emailed me 22 pages last night…in one go!
Those with the two previous pages I had makes one full comic!
So, all I gots to do is colour, letter and then you can see it…but it…even rub a copy all over your sextpy parts…l
I’ve flatted six pages so far…so, I give me two week then PDFs will be sent out yo a few of you…with printed copies coming a short time after…

…hmmmmm…sexy parts!


Ooooo. Super excited.


Seven pages flatted and my hand has become a claw!


You’ve got two, don’t you? :wink:


Two weeks!


Cracking cover.


Yay! I think we need some Ramones to celebrate!


oh, i know that song…it was in spider-man homecoming! :wink:


I really loved hearing that song in the film. It kind of made me wish they would have used the Ramones’ version of the theme song.

To get back on topic, I can’t wait for more of my favorite punk rock comic, Chunks.


i cant wait for you guys to read it too! :wink:
Been a long time coming…hopefully its still funny!


Holy crap. What a cover. I’m not usually at a loss for words but what an incredible tribute. I didn’t expect that at all. If I could just offer one teensy wee observation – my hair usually flicks over to the other side, and I don’t have my ears pierced. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nevermind. The cover still rocks the Casbah. Really rebel rebel cool.

I can always adjust my look slightly to match for the sake of accuracy. It’s no trouble at all.


You need to adjust, pickle :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


if any of your pickles (in the thread already!), wanna sneak peak…DM you email address and i’ll send you the PDF


Yes, please. You have my address, don’t you?


I sentence you the drop box link this morning!!!
Double check!!!


Just double checked my Inbox and Junk Mail but didn’t see anything. Sorry.


I’d love a copy if you don’t mind.


Do your email again, please, fella


Resent, pickle :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Got it. Thanks, brother.