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CHUNKS AWAY Kickstarter


Hello Again,

Seeing as the old forum has gone, my post went walk about so, i thought id post it again.
Running a KickStarter for my comic CHUNKS.
enter link description here
Chip in if you can, the first 11 pages are below:


Hi Guys,

Only a couple of hours left on the kickstarter and there is a still a huge way to go!
Just wanted to give you a sneak peak at issue two.
If you like it and could kindly RT, post on FB and even send the link to a pal who you think
might like it that would be amazing!
Or you could even pledge yourself.




Hello you lot,

It is looking doubtful that we will hit our target.
Which is a shame, but never mind.
But everyone who pledges is going to get a free pdf of issue one anyway, as a thank you.
So, if you want a free comic, kick in a £1 and you’ll get it emailed once the Kickstarter is over.




Just got an email saying this wasn’t funded. Sorry to hear that mate. :crying_cat_face:


Hey Bruce,

It happens, mate.
Little bit sad, but if success was easy everyone would be successful.
CHUNKS will live!
Thanks for the pledge, the RTs, the support, everything really.
You are a good egg!
Beer on me next time you ore down in London!