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CHUNKS #3 (coming soon)


So…its finally happening.


Yay!!! This is what I’ve been waiting for!!! Sweet, sweet Chunks.

Have you considered doing a playlist for this book? I think it would lend itself to some really great punk and ska tunes.


i actually have…not just with CHUNKS, but with all my comics.
The music i listen too while i write heavily influences me :smiley:


Well post it!



ok, i’ll do it later…


Just #3? Come on mate, you double shipped with Cordelia Swift - that’s what we’re expecting with every book from now on. Get your shit together Garvey!


you wanna loan me the money to pay my artists and i’ll happily double ship EVERYTHING! :wink:


Haha! I think I’ll pass. I’m more than happy for you to bleed me dry three quid at a time on a comic by comic basis!


I do appreciate the £3 comic by comic I get… :wink: