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CHUNKS #1 FREE for 12 hours!


Hello there MillarWorlders!

I owe a lot to this forum and much inspired by the big Chief himself by giving away the first trade of Jupiter’s Legacy the other week, i’m giving away the 1st issue of my comic CHUNKS!

So, if any of you lovely people would like a PDF, DM on here or drop me a message via my website (if you are not a member, its free to everyone) and i’ll send it over!

P.S its only for 12 hours…so chop chop if you want one! :wink:




Aaawww what a nice young man you are! :grin:


debatable! :wink:


The young bit or the nice bit?


im gonna say both


If you haven’t read it already, I highly recommend Chunks especially for free!


thank you?


What’s better, a great beer or a free great beer from a friend who wants to watch you enjoy the beer they’ve made? :wink:


juts a tad creepy…"i wanna watch!, i like to Watch!! :wink:


Every breath you take…


send it Matt. Im curious about your work.


DM your email, sir


SENT, Buddy!


Hey I paid a dollar for this on Comixology. Where is the fairness? I insist Pedro sends me 50cents.


Here you go.


I somewhat anticipated that punchline. :smile:


did you buy issue 2?


I’ve bought them all, I’m a completist with my unique collection of 4 Matt Garvey digital originals.


well, as a thank you…DM me your email and i’ll send you TRANSFER #1

See, i know how to look after people that have already purchased too :wink:


Less than six hours left!