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Chrononauts TPB is on sale today!


This is the official thread for all them Johnny-Come-Latelies!!



Thank you Messrs. Millar and Murphy. Money has been passed over in exchange for awesomeness.


£7.50 in Forbidden Planet yesterday :smile:


Bargain hunters: Speedyhen have it for £5.52 - but if you’re happy to order it in and pick it up in store, WHSmith will do it for £5.25!

I would never think to buy comics from WHSmith. :slight_smile:


Boo! I already paid FP £7.50 :angry:

Well, I feel guilty about cutting my monthly pull list with them by 80% in the past couple of years. I can afford to buy an overly-expensive trade every month from FP and still spend less than I used to overall on comics.


No one’s going to be surprised that I have it pre-ordered for £5, are they?


I have finally read the Chrononauts trade (I only got it Monday). Man, that was an absolute blast of a read. I really enjoyed it. It really reminded me of (and bear with me I will justify this) Ghostbusters. In Ghostbusters the scary stuff is genuinely creepy. The threats are very real. Also, in Ghostbusters and in a lot of movies at the time, the heroes are slightly left-field, but are often the smartest guys in the room.

Reading the book I kept imagining the movie being made circa 1985 with Bill Murray and Harold Ramis in the leads. Get a time machine and make it happen.