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‘Chrononauts’ Time-Travel Comic Book Snapped Up By Universal, Chris Morgan Producing


‘Chrononauts’ Time-Travel Comic Book Snapped Up By Universal, Chris Morgan Producing

EXCLUSIVE: Universal Pictures has optioned Chrononauts, the much-anticipated time-traveling adventure comic book series from Mark Millar and Sean Gordon Murphy which Chris Morgan will produce under his Chris Morgan Production banner. Millar and Murphy will exec produce. Chrononauts is a two-hander, adventurous story centered around the first scientific duo who travel back through time. The first issue from Image Comics hits store shelves this week.

Vice President Ainsley Davies will oversee development for Chris Morgan Productions. Universal’s director of development Jay Polidoro will oversee the project for the studio. The deal was negotiated by Paradigm and Law Offices of Harris M. Miller II, P.C.

Morgan has written five titles in the billion-dollar Fast & Furious franchise including Furious 7, which is bowing on April 3. Morgan and Alex Kurtzman will serve as the creative and narrative architects of a franchise incorporating various monster characters from the studio’s vast library beginning with The Mummy in June 2016.

Millar has created some of Marvel’s biggest-selling titles over the last decade, including Civil War, the basis for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War before departing to form Millarworld, where his creator-owned titles have been adapted into hit films for Universal and others, including Wanted ($341.4M global box office), his first collaboration with Chris Morgan; Kick-Ass and Kingsman: The Secret Service which last week crossed the $100M mark at the domestic B.O. To date, Kingsman has racked up $278.7M worldwide. Millar’s Starlight and Superior properties are both in development at Fox.

Murphy is a New York Times-bestselling creator of DC Comics’ Punk Rock Jesus as well as an Eisner-award winning artist of DC’s The Wake. He’s also worked on such characters as Batman and Constantine, as well as numerous other DC and independent projects. 2014 also saw him collaborating with Christopher Nolan on a short Interstellar comic for Wired Magazine.



Hopefully this turns out more true to the comic than Wanted did.
Then again Chrononauts has less “comic-specific” stuff to have to done really. Time travel is pretty normal in films.


Very simply, this is going to KICK. ASS!!!

Cheers Cheers and CHEERS to Our Scottish Overlord!

Long may he write!

Bewara Ohara! He’s gonna put ninja nuns in it, just to spite me. You just watch!


You guys beat me to it!

But this is very exciting. I love Universal, get on very well with all the heads and the talent they’re talking about on this is incredible. This could be - by a mile - the biggest adaptation of one of my books. The actors being discussed at the moment are just enormously exciting, though still too early to talk about publicly of course.

Thanks to Sean for being so awesome. I love that this has happened for him. He deserves it. Thanks to everyone for supporting our wee indie book, every one a genuine risk.



Absolutely AMAZING news, Mark and Sean!!!


Glad it’s Universal. We might have something to chat about re: this in a couple months. This time I’ll tease you! [pleasant smiling smilie]


Congrats!!! Will check out this thread for updates from Miqque on this movie, especially, the cast.


Big congratulations to all involved! It should be a fun movie.


I see a new Guinness Book of Records category in the near future – “Comic Book Writer With Most Movies Adapted Directly From His Work”; and we all know who will hold that title.

I mean, Stan Lee can claim that he’s created many of the Marvel characters seen in the Sony and Fox and Marvel film franchises, but none of the movie plots are based directly on stories he actually wrote. Ditto the Batman and Superman films.