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Chrononauts team recreate Back to the Future variant!


This needs to go in the back of the collection!!


Sean Gordon Murphy owns a DeLorean???


How do you think he managed to get those pages in on time?


“Great Scott! Do you know what this means??? It means I have to send you BACK… to the drawing table!”


This is the best thing ever.


This is actually the greatest thing ever. :’) I absolutely love DeLoreans and am a Marty McFly cosplayer (as well as a Hit-Girl), so seeing my two worlds come together like this just makes me ridiculously happy! Those cars make for a damn fun ride too!


love that pic, perfect poses, had to repost my one :smiley:


There are supposedly 3 primary places in the US that restore DeLoreans, one is in Arizona, one is in California and one is here in Ohio. The guy who runs it is a friend of a friend. My buddy keeps promising to introduce me. I love cars (even slow poorly designed ones as long as they look awesome :wink: )


DMC locations in the US: Northwest, Midwest, Texas, California, and Florida. The Delorean time machine replica up here that I do events with sometimes was converted at the California location in Huntington Beach. Pretty cool that they can convert the cars at some of the shops! I got a tour of the Northwest location and it was fantastic. The owner, Toby, is one of the most knowledgeable Delorean guys around. Wealth of information. Greatly enjoyed hearing him talk about the cars, and was extremely grateful that he took the time to give me a tour. I have a great interest in these cars, and am lucky to have been able to have the experiences I’ve had with them. Road-tripping in a time machine? Now THAT is heavy.

I do really hope you get that tour sometime! :wink: