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Chrononauts movie casts of the past!


This was a great question from a pal on Twitter yesterday. Basically, who would play Corbin and Danny if the Chrononauts movie was being filmed in an earlier decade.

We pretty much know who’s playing the two leads in the version coming from Universal so I don’t want to speculate on current cast without giving that way. But there’s something brilliant about 100 years of possible Chrononauts movies and so here’s what I’m thinking. Here’s who would be my perfect cast for the appropriate decade. Who would you go for, given it’s great if they’re already pals and one needs to be the straight man in any good double act?

30s: Bob Hope and Bing Crosby, played for laughs.
40s: Clark Gable and Humphrey Bogart (Huston’s choice for Man Who Would be King)
50s: Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster, Lancaster the more intense Corbin of course.
60s: Sean Connery and Michael Caine
70s : Robert Redford and Paul Newman
80s: Chevy Chase and Bill Murray (directed by Ivan Reitman OF COURSE)
90s: Tom Cruise and Nic Cage (directed by John Woo)
00s: DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire (real-life pals and total 00s zeitgeist)
Now: Classified!

I would watch any of these movies.

I also feel Will Smith works here, but I couldn’t quite see who his intense partner would be if he’s the more fun-looking Danny.

Who’s your cast?



I think the 2000s version should be Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, back when they were still good and in an alternate timeline in which they did Chrononauts instead of Wedding Crashers. :slight_smile:


I would literally take my own life in the alternate reality where that movie happened :smile:



1980s: Kevin Bacon and Charlie Sheen.


I haven’t read Chrononauts yet…I know. What have been doing with my life? The yet means that I have bought it and that I will get to to it due course. The net result is that I have nothing to contribute to this conversation :blush:

But as an aside, I thought that Bill Murray and Chevy Chase didn’t get on. There are a number of stories of them coming to blows (literally) backstage on Saturday Night Live.

***Who would the 1920’s Silent era Chrononauts be? Douglas Fairbanks/Tom Mix? Or a Buster Keaton/Harold Llloyd type.


1980s Michael J Fox and Eddie Murphy.

1990s Arrrnorrrld and Danny DeVito?

I think 2010s should be Robert Downey Jr and Tina Fey.

I have missed the point here, somehow, haven’t I?


Can we just get the 90s version as the actual film please?


How is Steve McQueen not in that list anywhere?!?

I would put him and Clint Eastwood for the 70’s. Nothing else matters. You’re welcome. :wink:


Huh. Looks familiar for some reason. . .


Ya. After finding that picture, I’m beginning to wonder who @CHRONOMURPH used for models now.


I think you should cast Sam Claflin and Jake Gyllenhall.


I would so watch that movie. I don’t care what happens in it or what it was about. 2 hours of Paul Newman and Clint Eastwood leaning against a wall would be fine with me.

Although, Burt Reynolds was one of the biggest stars of the 70’s…so how about Chrononauts with Burt and Dom DeLuise.

I’ll get my coat :blush:


70s Chrono with Burt Reynolds and Clint Eastwood would be UN-REAL.

Weirdly, this concept seems to work in any decade in terms of casting and seems really interesting no matter which decade it’s in. I think that Hope and Crosby one would genuinely work, Virginia Mayo the girl back home and Carmen Miranda the exotic girl they made in 1504…

Why does this work so easily for any decade???



Hahaha. I totally didn’t catch that was Newman and not McQueen. They both look so odd with beards.

Here’s another vote of mine:

Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee


Well, Newman and McQueen were big rivals back in the 70’s weren’t they? And they were both into driving etc. And there was the whole story about the billing on the Towering Inferno.

And much as I love McQueen in things like Bullitt, Newman is miles ahead as an actor for me. The Verdict is one of my favourite movies and he’s absolutely brilliant in it. It is a great performance, totally lacking in vanity.

But McQueen was the Cooler King.


1950s: Norman Wisdom and Sid James


1990s: Ben Affleck and Matt Damon


Some ideas should just stay with your inside voice Dave.

My suggestions are in order, Corbin, then Danny.

50s: Dean Martin and Sanatra whore and drink and party through time.
60s: Robert Redford and Paul Newman. Put them here because Corbin and Danny should be younger.
70s : Gene Hackman and Gene Wilder. Because Gene Wilder was the funniest man alive in the 70’s. Yes they’re older, but Gene Wilder was the funniest man alive so he gets a pass. And Hackman was in his Luthor prime.
80s: Andrew McCarthy and Steve Guttenberg. McCarthy was great at playing an intelligent guy, Mahoney was born to bang his way through time. This movie would have sold endlessly.
90s: Michael J Fox and Christian Slater. I’m thinking early 90’s here.
00s: Brad Pitt and Matthew McConaughey.

Clearly I’m expecting Danny to have lots of sex in the movie. However, the current cast I’ve heard Mark mention that I’ve pinky sworn not to repeat to anyone. Holy shit. Might be better than any of the combinations on my list.


Because all my suggestions in this thread have been dead serious… :slight_smile:


I think Affleck and Damon would be perfect.