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Chrononauts ideas.


With all the time hopping adventures depicted inside Chrononauts and on the covers (variants), I thought I’d put an idea down that my mrs came up with, it’s the guys fighting over Romeo’s outfit with Shakespeare handing out Juliets outfit (all the roles were played by men in Shakespeare’s time) I thought it was pretty clever

I’ll get around to doing it properly, just wanted to put it down, just in case! :wink: haha


That’s great! A very fun piece!


Really captures the spirit of Danny and Corbin! Excellent work!


I really love your style and characterization. Nice work. Funny idea too.


That’s a cartoon, and a good one, and it should be publishable!


Love eet! You should colour that up and we can get it in the back-pages.



Thank you gents! The idea was all on the Mrs, she’s got some awesome ones, more than I can actually draw haha thanks for the kind words :+1:t3:


Here’s one you’d have to clear with Hanna-Barbera! It’s called ‘What the rockin hell kind of car is that, Fred?’ or ‘You are never going to believe who we are in a street race with!’ :wink:

First pass, time for bed.


Awesome stuff! :thumbsup:


Thank you man! :+1:t3: