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Chrononauts fan art!


Still WIP, but when this is finished I’ll be using it as a portfolio to apply for college! Muahahaha!


Welcome to Millarworld, Christa. Nice art.


I look forward to seeing the final piece.


Thank you!




Anyway, to celebrate my first time being in the forum I’m dumping some other Millarworld fan arts I made over the years.


Well I just love those! Good job.


Really good looking stuff!


Do you only do pin-up stuff or do you do sequentials as well?
Do you want a career in art or anything like that?


So far, pin ups are the only things I have the time for (since school gives me restricted schedule) but I am also working on realizing a comics project at the moment.
And yes!


Nice work! Hope you stick around and continue to post stuff in the future.


A Chrononauts and Supernatural crossover fan art, because Corbin and Danny immediately reminds me of Sam and Dean Winchester (respectively) even before I started reading.

And also a Kingsman fan art!


love it!


Great stuff… Your Hit-girl especially…


yes -Hit Girl vs Hit girl
Very funny