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Chrononauts #4 - On sale in just NINE days time!


Sean and I have had such a brilliant time on Chrononauts. Issue 4 marks the end of the first car, but I’m back writing more at the end of summer for release this time next year and then we’re blasting straight into the next arc, the planning being to have three collected volumes out for the movie, which we’re doing with the Fast 7 guys over at Universal.

Book 1 ends with a bang, this final issue being literally twice as many story pages. It was issues four and five at plot stage originally, but I like the pacing of a big finale and just had them both running in a single issue to gather momentum and give an explosive finale. Two issues in one for a dollar less than two individual issues also works well for the reader so it’s win-win for everybody. HOORAY!

Anyway, here’s the movie variant, which I love so much I could kiss and cuddle it.


I can’t wait to get this, I picked up the 1st 3 a few days ago and read them twice since then, great story!


You spoil us, Chief.


That cover is a thing of beauty.