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Chrononauts #3 variant by Sean Murphy


Sean’s doing his own variant covers for each of these editions and the theme is great buddy movies (as this is a buddy comic). Have you ever - really - seen anything better than THIS?


WOW! Sean Murphy's variant for Chrononuats #1 2nd printing

I love it.

If the story of Chrononauts has a vibe that’s anything like this cover then I’m going to be very happy indeed.

Are these variants widely available or limited?


Great cover. Did Sean also take care of the colors?


Great cover, Sean! (Get used to be spoken to directly - we tend to do that around here for those brave enough to post!)

Were i ever to request a commission in this vein, I think it would be the scene from 48hrs where Eddie Murphy is handcuffed to Nolte’s Cadillac, and a bad guy runs away from Nolte. Murphy opens the Caddy door exactly on time to catch the running crook in the crotchal area. Murphy looks down as Nolte runs up, crook on the ground, and says “Did that hurt? It looked like it really hurt when you ran into that car door.”

I think it would be a cool drawing. Buddy movies! So good up until that horrid Russell/Stallone Tango & Cash that really put the kibosh on for a long time. For a decent one, see the maligned-but-still-funny Dragnet with Dan Ackroyd and Tom Hanks.


I loved Dragnet, but it seems it isn’t fondly remembered by many.

(And for some reason, my wife loves Tango And Cash. There’s no accounting for taste.)


Hey! Lethal Weapons but no time travel. Men In Black, yes, time travel in MIB3.


I love that. I hope the variants make it into the trade.


Thanks! Those are just quick colors–Matt Hollingsworth is going to match the original poster in a few weeks. Stay tuned!


Tango and Cash holds up. In a “ignore the bad parts” kind of way.


Me too! I’ll do my best to make that happen.