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Chrononauts #2 - Talkback for Letters Page


This is the official chat-back forum for today’s second issue. What’s cool is that anything mentioned in here can end up in the back-page of the actual comic as you may have seen in both issue 1 and in Jupiter’s Circle. It’s a nice symbiosis between the letters page and the forum here just as we pick out the best fan art from the creative forum and give people their first taste of print.

Feel free to spoil away on the issue. Everybody reading beyond here should have read it. For me this has all been such a bloody great treat. Sean is a dream. I can’t wait until Summer when I get to start on the second volume. Such fun!!!



Highly entertaining second issue of Chrononauts. It reminds me of a cross between Red Dwarf, The Man Who Would Be King and of course Top Gun.

Looking forward to number three. The ‘special’ car chase issue!

Superb job all round gentlemen.
Millar, Murphy, Hollingsworth and Eliopoulous.

And the unsung heroes, Drew Gill on production and editor Nicole Boose.


While I found the first issue a bit “jumpy”, this second issue was a big step forward. Lots of time tomfoolery and nothing but just Corbin and Danny messing around. It gels together a lot better and I can’t wait for the second half.

Also - did anyone else just love the expression on the baby Jesus? I mean, how cute was that?


Please don’t let Science mess this up!


Here’s my review from the New Comics Thread.

Chrononauts #2 - I love the pace of this book. The first issue set everything up and this issue moves it at almost a ballistic rate. It feels like a summer action/adventure film. Murphy continues to nail the various cars and other machinery. (Any chance you could sneak an F1 car in? I would love to see him draw one.) Obviously, there is some big turnarounds brewing for the next issue. I can’t wait for this romp to continue.


Hey guys, first time post, just registered! Been reading about the forums in every Millar comic but keep forgetting to do it.

Boy was that a good issue!

Sarvar is definitely going to cause some trouble soon, so is Lucky Luciano, I think. The Bethlehem scene with the crucifx had me in stitches lol, really good.


Welcome to Millarworld, Gavin. Glad you decided to sign up.


Glad you joined Gavin.
Also, Lucky Luciano is somehow more scary than Sarvar.


Thanks for the warm welcome guys.

Tom_Punk, did you ever watch Boardwalk Empire? Lucky Luciano was one scary dude.


Yeah, but it’s not just that.
It’s more that Sarvar’s betrayal is pretty obvious. But who saw Lucky’s involvement coming? That was a genuine - OH HELL moment.


Oh yeah, definately. Wonder what other HELL YEAH moments there’ll be.


I wouldn’t mind if we had a Baseball cameo.
Just something small.


Just read the issue and it was great.
I love that Mark still writes 24-page comics. It really justifies the the $3.50 price tag. Especially when the pages look this good.


First post here, so, hello from France everybody! Second issue in, and this is pretty much the comic book I could only dream of. The smallest details on the page can hypnotize me for so long (I couldn’t help but gaze at every little character drawn by Sean on their arrival at Samarkand). There is some sort of epic coolness here (Bro hug, man!) more than in any other Millarworld piece I’ve read so I’ll read these guys til the end, and I must ask already for a sequel.


Bienvenue Nano.


Merci beaucoup


Bonjour ca va?

A sequel will be written this July and out next year, the third volume written 12 months later. We’re going to do a trilogy here, launching between Spring and Summer every year. Got it all worked out and its MIGHTY FINE!

Glad you’re digging it, Nano. Sent the lettered, coloured issue 3 to my chums this morning!



Welcome to Millarworld, Pierre Antoine. Glad to have you here.


ça va bien, merci.
Well thank you sir for this awesome news. Glad to know you have all figured out. Now I can’t wait to read all of this story. And congrats for the movie deal by the way


Thanks a lot! Already feels like home