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Chrononauts #2 preview!


WIRED MAGAZINE feature with me plus Sean’s art…



At first, I thought, “How could I miss this?”. Then, I noticed it was Wired UK. I wonder why they didn’t port it over to their US site.


Great interview. I’m curious and this build on Wired UK carrying the article instead of Wired US. Do you pattern your interview responses to your audience? I noticed you used Sainsburys as an example of a business. I personally wouldn’t know what that was without googling. So I assume it’s a prominent UK business.


Yep, a leading supermarket chain.

I guess it’s natural to tailor references like that based on your audience (and interviewer), just as you’d tailor language.


I’m just curious about who does and who doesn’t do those sort of things and for what reason. It seems that media training is pushing it’s way into more and more areas.


I don’t know if it’s media training so much as it’s just changing the way you speak depending on who you’re speaking to (which I guess we all do to some extent).


I would imagine the Chief is just naturally code switching but you can start to see some areas like non-professional sports and contest type shows where former amateurs are starting to have some obvious media training to help them deal with reporters and interviews.


Oh yeah, definitely.


In its way, use of language is gentrification.

Only here it is language and behavior in public that has values and style trickling down from (as the example) from middle-class. America does not have much of a middle class right now, but we have lots of media. People watch other people being interviewed, talk about it with others and most catch on to “expected behaviors”.

Good interviewees use local examples.