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Chrononauts #1 optical illusion


Okay, this is weird and interesting.

Sean’s a genius, as you know, but he’s also a tech geek and has created something very odd and cool on the cover of this week’s Chrononauts issue one. There’s an optical illusion on his cover which he’s going to explain online tomorrow night, something you can see in the face of the time-piece on the left hand side.

Just as a random sampling to see how well this works tell me what you see here. I was amazed when people were seeing something I couldn’t. I can’t see anything, but two of my neighbours could see what Sean has included here. I also could never, ever, ever see those images that people claim to have been able to see in the middle of collage pictures that were fashionable about 15 years ago so perhaps my brain isn’t hard-wired to see this stuff.

Have a look. What’s in the circle?


I can see nowt!


Most people see the clock face. That’s certainly what I see. But 4 people (2 of whom are neighbours, weirdly enough) can see something entirely different, which Sean has built into the image.

Some guys in Twitter saying they can see yellow circle, which is weird as not one of the two options. This works just as well online as it does in print btw. Am fascinated that I can’t see what he’s done here despite having an overlay of what the tiny number of people are seeing. The Image production guy that it was simply the other thing and couldn’t see the clock-face at all, which blew my mind.

Sean is indeed a genius… as he and I keep saying!!



Genius or Madman?.. Personally I’d be happy with either.


Right… On a second look I can see the yellow circle in the centre but still stumped. Off for curry and chips with a chocolate macaroon for afterwards to see if it helps! :slight_smile:


I see Angelina Jolie spanking Jonathan Ross. Am I close?


The yellow circle that some people are seeing may just be the center of the clock face where the watch hands would usually attach.

I feel like there is something there but it’s kind of on the edge of what I’m seeing. Something with the pink and yellow hues inside the face.


I see… Millar at work.

And, quite obviously, Big Ben.



Is this another hoax? :wink:

I’ve found where some claim to see a green hour glass but there’s not even a green pixel in the watch face.


Murphy went through it on Twitter:


It does seem rather unbelievable.

But it seems to have got people’s attention (although maybe not quite as much as the white-gold/blue-black dress). :slight_smile:


That’s odd. No matter how I manipulate the image, I can’t get anything to show up. I wonder why people see it as green. I’ve zoomed to the pixel level and there isn’t a green pixel on the watch face.

Thanks for posting here, @PaulF.


I assumed that’s what the Chief might have been going after. He’s good at chasing zeitgeist.


I think the Chief would suggest that you need to buy a copy and take it home in order to really see the effect! :moneybag:


That was my guess too. :wink:

It’s already on my pull list.


I think the effect is more powerful the more copies you hold next to each other. Buying ten or twenty copies should help.


I heard if you get every variant cover and put the clocks side by side you can see a naked lady.


I’ll bet Rob Liefeld is kicking himself for not thinking of that first, about 20 years ago…


When I stare at it long enough, I see this:


I’m usually pretty good at picking up on subliminal stuff, but I did not see this one at all.