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Chrononauts #1 - lettered preview!


On sale next week. Gonna be a biggie. Here’s a lettered preview to whet your highly-developed appetite!



Sweet, but I remain on my moratorium for previews for books I’m going to buy for sure.

Ever since reporting went to showing 4-8 page previews, the material in many titles has avoided any action on those first 4-8 pages. Writers do not want their personal plot ideas released in a preview. Previews have, therefore, become quite dull and rather a waste of time.

Since I am NOT reading this preview, I’d really like to hear from the Mods and such who have read the issue. Is this a factor in MW titles? Is there something Mark should do at the opens to make the previews different?

What about you, Mark? Do you find yourself writing with an awareness that the first third will be up for public scrutiny before the public can buy the issue? Or do you not care and write away, pens blazing?


I tend to avoid previews on books I know I’m going to buy too. I tend to read every book twice and it always feels a bit odd to have read those pages three or more times.


I don’t think so in this case, Mark’s books don’t tend to run for very long so they launch into the setup, characters and concept. The preview should be a good indicator if you’d like it or not.

On the wider issue, it is always a balancing act, like you and Ronnie have said there’s a lot of stuff where I know I’m going to consume it anyway that I avoid previews (I’m not watching any of the new Avengers 2 trailers as an example). When you are on the fence though it can be thing that sells it.


That’s when I use previews along with the occasional morbid curiosity.


I cannot avoid Quitely previews. Or Hitch’s. Others, like Tommy Lee Edwards (a big draw for me) I like to see the whole story.


That looks like it’ll be great.


Is that a typo?

“A hundred and fifty miles over over Gettysburg”?


I think it’s an Airplane joke.