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Chris Sprouse & Garcia Lopez


Does anyone have contact details for these fine dudes? Weirdly, I don’t think we really know anyone in common and neither are on Twitter. Usually a comic pro is a nano-second away, but these guys have been quite hard to find.



Chris Sprouse has a Facebook page here:

He seems fairly active on it since there was a post a couple of weeks ago.


Are you thinking of working with Jose Garcia-Lopez?!? That would be so awesome.


OMG Mark Millar is going to work with José Luis García-López!

(Rumours-R-Us :wink: )

Seriously: tell me where to send my money…


You may reach out to contacts you have at CBR. They just did an interview with Jose Garcia-Lopez and may be able to put you in touch.


I bough two Tom Stong pages from Chris Sprouse some year ago and at the bottom of his sale page there is a email you can contact him


Would love to see you work with Garcia Lopez, but get the feeling he’s heavily embeded DC staff doing all the illustrations for dc merchandise . . .


Oh, amazing. I’ll give Jonah at CBR a shout right now.



I was looking for another image and ran across this great Jose Garcia-Lopez turn-around for Superman. This is the Superman of my childhood not so much through comics but merchandising.


JLGL has an FB page, reckon he can be direct messaged there. :smile: