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Heya guys, not posted anything in a long while so loads to dump on ya. Going to be popping up on other threads. wanting to try and get more involved in the comic community. Here is a wee story I did last year and some pin ups I do as a warm up for just now. Love to hear what you think and just get involved in some chat


Forgot this is the pic I did that inspired the wee story. The sequentials are all digital but this pin up was still when I was mainly doing pen on paper


Great stuff, love that joker!


Thanks. Yeah started as a warm up sketch that I really enjoyed and had to finish.


And this is the opening page for a short story I wrote. Its sorta about the idea of Neo Liberalism where complaining about shitty fast food is a hate crime as the police are now sponsored by the companies that control our lives. let know if you want to see more of the story.


a wee spiderman I did. Love the new costume. Working on some Marvel sample pages. You guys think I should use this costume or go for the standard?


Intentional Batman '89 reference, or just a coincidence?:wink:


Eh… I dont know? lol. Maybe, I reference a lot Im sure.What is it that look like Bats 89? Take it thats mr keatons verson.


No, I was commenting on something Matt Garvey said.


Some more art the cover to some portfolio work I did. Was just a short 4 page Punisher/ Daredevil story I did a while back.


Here are a few more pin-ups that I have done.


Some more pin ups. I really love Robocop. Might be my favourite movie ever. Utterly perfect. So I did this. The other picture I did when I was lucky enough to hang out around Cameron Stewart a bit when he was living in Glasgow. Think his design is perfect for the character. And Im sure DC agree using it in the Lego Batman movie.


Was at Thoughtbubble last week. Had a great time and meet some brilliant people. One of them was Shelly Bond. I wont bore you with the nice stuff she said. They main thing I took from the meet was I still need to work on my faces a bit. SO been doing a lot of faces this week. These are just the digital sketches.


Anothher face I did as practice.


Some more newer stuff.
These are my 5 pages that I submitted to Top Cow for there talent search. Was great fun to do.
Tryed out new brushes on the backgrounds. Please let me know what you guys think.


It’s good. Well drawn. I think the action could probably be a bit more kinetic. The characters feel a bit stiff, like we’re looking at snapshots, rather than movement in progress.

I’m a writer, not an artist, so I can’t comment on technical details, but it feels like you need to inject the artwork with a bit more life.

The characters don’t look quite right in some panels either. Like the girl in the top left panel, on Page 2. Although, in some panels the characters do look great. The bottom panel, on Page 1, is extremely good.

Like I said, it is good, but I’ve seen some of the other artwork posted in the Official Top Cow Talent thread, and there are some extremely talented people entering.

You really have to push yourself to raise your game if you want to win.

Still, you’re right, it really is a fun experience, especially if you’re posting on the official thread alongside everyone else who is entering.

I had a lot of fun, even the years I didn’t win.

And everyone really does get better and better each year.


Thanks man. Yeah I spent some time working on my faces which helped a lot, but now I feel like I do need to bring up some of my figure work. Trying a few different approaches to try make sure that I dont loose the movement I get on my sketches onto the final page.


Here are a page from a Hellblazer script I found to work on. Love the character.


A fun wee Thor sketch I did as a warm up one night.


Page 1 of a new portfolio piece Im working on. Love the Spidergwen costume.