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Chinese pirate Star Wars comics!


So, in the 80s the Chinese managed to smuggle copies of the Star Wars movies into the country, and contracted a writer-artist team to create comics based on the storyline. These were amongst the first people in China to see Star Wars, and their comics would help to create the national image of the story for some time to come.

So naturally they replace the Star Destroyer with the Space Battleship Yamato, Leia’s Corellian Corvette becomes a Soyuz capsule, with the escape pod Threepio and Artoo use to escape to the surface is a Mercury capsule.

It’s quite interesting, and the whole thing is translated here:


That’s fun. Thanks for sharing.


It looks more like whoever created that comic hadn’t even seen the movie, and only had an outline of the plot and a handful of stills or publicity photos for reference, and had to improvise the whole thing. Hence, that’s why you’re seeing things like Soyuz spacecraft and dinosaurs in it.

It’s sort of interesting experiment, where you would describe a movie like Star Wars to someone who hadn’t seen it, and then see how they interpret it.


This reminds me, I remember seeing a panel or two from a Star Wars comic adaption somewhere (I think it was Sci-Fi Universe magazine) that was a Russian (I think) adaption. It looked pretty cool, almost had a Moebius vibe to it. I’d love to see the whole thing.

ETA: Looks like this might be the one I was thinking of: