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Hey everyone,
We currently have a live Kickstarter for a new How To Make Comics With Springworth magazine that has been created to go into comic making kits. These kits are distributed to children in hospitals across the UK by our charity Little Heroes Comics.

We are fundraising for the print costs only. This will enable us to send out this magazine in the next 1000 kits that are sent.

What is the magazine?
How To Make Comics With Springworth is a magazine designed to fire up the imagination of its readers and encourage budding artists to put pen, pencil or crayon to paper and create!

You will be tasked with helping Springworth, robot butler to the world’s superhero elite, and learning how to make comics along the way. You’ll be drawing super hero costumes, robots and even a gigantic monster!

If you would like to help us achive this and get a copy of the magazine for yourself of a child you know then please head over to our campaign here >>>

Kickstater - How To Make Comics With Springworth.


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I backed it ages ago…leave me alone!

Only if you increase your pledge. :wink:

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Finger hoovering over cancel pledge…sorry what were you saying, buddy?

Think of the children

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i am…thats why i’m gonna, because i’m evil…how do you not get that yet?! ;p