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Channing Tatum joins Kingsman: The Golden Circle


Did this movie just get a little MORE exciting???



What does this mean for the Gambit movie? Can we keep this news from @TMasters? It will break his little heart. :wink:



Kingsman 2 will be amazing and a year later Tatum will explode audiences minds in Gambit. Ok?

Good. Discussion over.


Well, you seem to be taking it well.


Look. Im very sensitive right now…


The cast for Kingsman keeps getting better. This is great news. The role can also double as extra rehearsal time for being even more cool as Gambit.


I think Sir Elton John would be a better Gambit.


I’d cast that unknown Australian bloke if it was up to me.


As Elton John? Well you’ve convinced me.


He can sing and play the piano too? Multi-talented. He could always be like Peter Sellers in Dr Strangelove, I suppose.


Very cool news. Around the time of G.I.Joe I was convinced Tatum was the worst actor in the world. Now, whenever he’s in a movie I assume it’s going to be a good movie. That’s quite a turnaround and I really admire the work he’s put into his career and craft.


Is it okay if I want Elton to kill Tatum?

I mean - just in the movie!


Sir Elton probably wants to get into Tatum’s pants. After all, three or fours years ago Tatum had already danced with him while he sang “Dimonds are girl’s best friend” in a charity event organized by Sting


So, Sir Elton