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Channing Tatum in overalls!




He kind of has the right hair colour in the Coen Brother’s ‘Hail Caesar’ as well. It’s a perfect match.


There’s right. There’s spot on. And then there’s THIS! Huck was already an incredible read – hands down a triumph of any sort of critique of the heavy hand that Man of Steel laid on the mythos of Big Blue. But now…we’re about to get the most cherishing hero on the big screen since Chris Reeve first Donnered back in ‘78! #KeepOnHuckin


That really would be great casting. Huck is up there with Starlight with my favorite work of Mr. Millar’s, and seeing Tatum in the lead role would be unspeakably perfect. He can pull off that innocent charm balanced with superior physicality in a way that I don’t think any other well-known actor can.