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Channing Tatum cast as mermaid in Splash remake


1/ This sound great

2/ I think this pretty much screws the Aquaman movie since it’s the same idea, but with a movie star.

3/ Not a lot of Splash fans saying their childhood has been destroyed, which is very interesting.




Yeah, ok.
If it’s funny, I’d watch it.


grumble grumble shouldacastGosling grumble grumble


Gosling is clearly being lined up for the Mannequin remake.


In any event, I really hope there’s a Ben Stiller cameo.


Did anyone even like that first Splash movie? I remember it being pretty atrocious… Sure the mermaid-chick was hot, but I don’t think anyone’s childhood was as invested in that movie :smile:

Also, this sounds like a horrible idea tbh, just because I have this feeling that’s it’s gonna be “that kind” of humour. Although who knows, Tatum is good at comedy, but it sounds like an extended SNL skit, much like Ghost Busters… and I’m not a fan of that type of comedy, so pass =P


Splash is in my top 30. I LOVE that movie!!!



Splash is a classic.

It’s an 80s childhood favourite like “BIG” or “Raging Bull”!


WTF? Seriously. W. T. F. ?.


I’d tell you I was gonna give it another go, but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna hate it just 'cause it’s old as hell… probably didn’t age very well :smile:

Anyways, I can clearly see this “remake” as some sort of Zoolander kind of stuff… or 21 Jump Street although that one actually made me laugh a couple of times IIRC. Tatum is great at playing stupid, but it’s always the same.


The Tatum part is interesting, but Jillian Bell’s involvement is what sold me. She was the best part of 22 Jump Street, and her TV show Idiotsitter is hilarious.


Like I mentioned in another thread…unlike Ghostbusters, this has people that have proven themselves as really working out great in comedies.

I had almost no hope for the former when I heard of Paul Feig’s involvement.
But Bell and Tatum? Hell yes




I think Paul Feig is terrible.

That’s the, uh, joke there.


Bored To Death, 30 Rock and Arrested Development are all great. Freaks and Geeks… The Office… Parks and Rec…


I found Bridesmaids, Spy, and and Bad Teacher to be pretty bad.

As was Ghostbusters, but that’s another point.

Also, I wouldn’t give him credit for making Arrest Development and 30 Rock great.


I loved Rose Byrne in Spy.


Interesting. I’m curious. How does this and Aquaman share the same space other than being about merpeople. I would assume the tone and style would be vastly different especially with the current Aquaman.


Cool, that’s great.

Let me revise my stance to something more friendly.
I don’t think that Paul Feig has good comedic chops, or chops that work for me.
So I could not in good conscience be at all hopeful for Ghostbusters

It’s a different story with Jillian Bell and Tatum, so I’m all for this Splash remake.



EDIT: ( just teasing :))