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CEO of Marvel supports Trump.


So, how are we feeling about this Millarworld?




I’m more impressed by Marvel’s Star Wars editor Jordan White attempting to respond logically to this crapstorm on Twitter.


I think it reveals the insincerity* of Marvel’s diversity efforts (mostly on the page, which is less important than behind it), but that’s been obvious from the start.

*Insincerity on the company’s part, not individual creators.


Agreed, crapstorm is right. I’m also impressed with Dan Slott who had a few idiotic comments lobbed at him.
I’m astonished at the amount of abuse that gets flung at Tom Brevoort as well.
But some of the stuff that has been said to G.Willow Wilson is truly appalling
heres what she had to say about it all
art and money


I liked Wilson’s piece a lot but why would a boycott not take “a single dime” from Perlmutter?


Probably because his salary as CEO is not tied to sales, stock options wouldn’t be hit either.

If - and it’s not going to happen - everyone stopping buying Marvel comics and stopped seeing their TV and film output, Perlmutter would simply sell the company.

He’s just too insulated.


Boycotting Marvel would be punishing the job safety of thousands of workers based on the actions of one individual.


I think it is safe to say any corporation you support has some big Republican donors at the top, anything in the arts at all that isn’t super low-scale. Are you going to get worked up over all of it? I don’t know.


I wasn’t saying Marvel should be boycotted–I’m not going to–I just figured a big enough boycott could hurt the CEO and was confused by Wilson’s logic. Ben answered it, though.


Besides, hurting one Trump supporter’s income would do nothing to hurt Trump’s campaign.


Perlmutter’s a renowned dickhead.

This doesn’t really say anything about Marvel apart from the fact that their CEO likes money and tax-breaks.


I mean, knowing what we know about Perlmutter, did we really expect the guy to be selfless and just?


To basically state this:
Comic creators at Marvel aren’t connected to this guy, this guy’s a business man.
Basically all comic creators hate this is happening, comic creators and this guy are far away from each other.
The only unfortunate thing is that Marvel creators are gonna get shit tons of flack for this.


Are? They got it 35 hours ago.

(Sorry, couldn’t resist.)


I hadn’t realised Perlmutter was the reason we’re not getting a Black Widow movie, too. That guy sucks.


He’s (probably) the reason we haven’t had one so far but it’s not his choice anymore.

Disney restructured Marvel’s management last year, Perlmutter is Marvel TV now and Kevin Feige is Marvel Movies.

I do wonder how this is being viewed in Disney?


They could be supporting Trump as well, for all we know.


They could be.

But if they are they’re smart enough not to tell anyone about it.

Which should make them smart enough to support someone else anyway.


If you boycotted every company who gave money to something you didn’t agree with you’d spend everyday sitting and twiddling your thumbs.

The only thing that is going to fix this type of thing is political and electoral reform across the board.

Perlmutter is an immigrant himself, which is the problem I find here.

Although maybe Trump doesn’t actually believe the stuff he’s saying and he won’t follow through.

Who the hell knows, rich, old people are complete head-the-balls.


“Please. Put me in a Home. Now!”
-Ike Perlmutter