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Celebrity Obits 2016


Given that it seems like some of our dearest celebs will be popping their clogs this year, I was wondering if we should rather start an Obits page? That way we don’t have to start up a new thread each time. I’ll leave it to the admins to decide.

At the very least, it’ll be a nice wall of remembrance…and we can start with the death of the Gambit movie.

And we can run a pool on who’ll survive and who’s next.

Too much?
I’m never sure of where the line is.


Gambit is not dead.

Phroggi is fired.


I’m not fired!
You’re fired!

Wait…I’ve seen this before…

Also, admins…you may want to delete this topic, seeing as how it’s gone off-topic in record time already.

I blame @TMasters


That’s technically illegal in the UK (well, to put money on at least). Pretty much the only thing you can’t bet on, presumably to stop people from fixing the outcome.

I think an obit thread is a good idea though.



You just crossed it. Good idea for a thread though.


I think that would be in very poor taste and not in the spirit of this board.

I do think the idea of a single thread to discuss the passing of notable individuals does have merit.


Ok. Cool.
No pool.
Although I’m surprised no-one picked up the DEADPOOL gag set up.
Kinda disappointing for a comics board.

I suggest deleting all these posts and I’ll edit the first post to make this look legit.


Best to start a new thread.

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