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Catch – A 4-page Sci-fi Comic About Scavengers, Abandoned Spaceships, and Parasitoids


Catch is written by me, illustrated by N G Williams, and was published in Dirty Rotten Comics #6. This is my attempt at classic Future Shocks material and structure – hope you enjoy it!

(You can also find it on Tumblr and Imgur.)

The Hub – An 8-page Sci-fi Comic About Refugees, Interplanetary Travel and Mysterious Destinations

Pretty intriguing concept, Mikael. I also really enjoy the art style and the heavy use of blacks to create the right mood.


I really love the look and feel of this. The pages sort of have a Bachalo vibe to them.

And I like how this feels like a small part of a much larger setting. (All the best sci-fi stuff is successful in doing that)

I do feel like I’m missing something on the ending though. Is the Monitor Ghost playing a game with the parasite thingies to see who can kill scavengers? I’m not sure I’m grasping the motivation on the last page. I’m assuming the three points things means one of the three that first show up is the original and there are now three duplicates? Maybe I’m being dense?

But in the end my confusion at the last bits doesn’t detract from this. All in all fun stuff!


I love the look of those alien tentacle heads.


This is pretty cool. The art is really amazing. I love this chiaroscuro-type of stuff. Panel layouts and design are really cool, too.

But I also have to second the comment about being confused by the ending. I don’t understand why the ship (via the Monitor Ghost) would be playing a game of one-upmanship with the parasite to kill a bunch of people. I guess I missed something.

It does seem like the scavengers ship and their helmets sort of resemble the basic shape of the fox’s head but I don’t know what that could mean… if anything.

Anyway, it is intriguing.


Thanks! If you like Nic’s style you should check out his own sci-fi comic Heads!


Thanks, Warren! I try to create larger worlds for everything I write, so I’m glad that added to your experience of the story.

And yes, (the shipcom speaking through) the monitor ghost is playing a game with the parasitoid because they’ve reached a deadlock, and this is a way to pass the time. Not very complex motivation, I know, but that’s all I could fit into this short story. I’m not entirely sure if I understand the next question, but the parasitoid has just killed four people, putting it “in the lead with three points”, implying the fox was in the lead with one point after their last “round”. No duplicates involved. Did I just overexplain it?


Nic’s art is great, isn’t it? Read my previous comment for a short explanation about the motivations of the shipcom. This is trivia, but the scavengers’ ship and helmets are meant to look like hyenas, but other than a visual connection, there’s no story connection to the fox.


Oh, absolutely. Nic just got himself a new fan. I totally dig his stuff.

And I get what you mean about fitting a story into just four comic book pages. I’m going to order those Future Shocks books to see how they do that.


this is really cool!


Ahh. I see. I think what threw me is the parasitoids are “in the lead with 3 points” as opposed to having “a 3 point lead”. It was having 3 points but four corpses that was confusing me.

I’m likely reading it way too literally. Especially for a story about a ship computer posing as a ghost fox, playing a game against murderous Cthulu tentacles.

Again super fun comic, I might’ve just been being thick about the ending.


Hey, if it’s any consolation, I was a little confused by that, too. :grin:


I’m glad you liked it!


Don’t have anything to add to the above comments other than I really enjoyed that. Better than a lot of the Futureshock stories that actually get published in 2000AD (in terms of both story and art).