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Casting in movies and TV...

This comes off the news of casting the new Dr. Who…

Casting different from the source can work but it is tricky. Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury worked, but Johnny Storm in the FF movie did not. Neither did Scarlett Johansson in that live action anime movie which had that “whitewash” controversy. Then there was some talk about making Idris Elba the next Bond…

I am leaving this open for your thoughts, opinions, other examples… etc.

Casting flashligts as guns in ET was it for me.


Johnny Storm could have definitely worked - they just gave him nothing to do.
They gave nobody anything to do.


Elba would be a great Bond. Since I don’t think ‘The Dark Tower’ is going to be a hit (and not because of him) it would be nice to see him get a big movie franchise.

Even if he doesn’t get that one, he’ll get others. He’s good and people like him.


Elba would have been an amazing Father Callahan

Interesting question.

Sean Connery was a lot different to Ian Fleming’s conception of James Bond (He wanted David Niven). He was this large Scottish bloke. Fleming called him “The Labourer”. That worked out.

Nick Fury wasn’t that big a character in comics before the Ultimate reimagining of the Marvel Universe making SHIELD more relevant and so making Fury black wasn’t that big a deal imho.

Making Johnny Storm black was imho a gimmick that didn’t go over well and no one bought it.

Like I said, casting different from the source can be tricky and hard to pull off.

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It wasn’t a gimmick - Trank liked the actor IIRC.

What hurt it is that he…is not written at all.
Seriously, every character in that is just a prop.

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Most in the end is down to execution. Doctor Who fans moaned when a teeny bop singer and a comedy sketch actress were cast and they ended up being fan favourites.


And they’re the two best companions (imo)!

Casting is really important but every actor wants a good script to work from, preferably a great script.

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It’d be interesting to try and quantify the financial impact of fan moaning. It killed Fantastic Four stone dead. But I can’t think of many other examples, As studios have learned that you cast as much like the comics character as possible. Ledgers Joker looked doomed to tank The Dark Knight. Movies like Catwoman and Elektra were DOA. Afflicks Daredevil had a tidal wave against it before release, as did Green Lantern.

I think it’s wise to just cast like the comics rather than try something new. It’s not going to be worth the hassle.

Nu Ghostbusters?

Feig’s inability to write a good script killed that movie.

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I agree. I was very open to it but the script just isn’t very funny.

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I agree. Considering the fact that Susan and Johnny Storm are supposed to be blood-related siblings (a fact that was the motivational reason for him even being around when Reed, Sue and Ben took off in that rocket) casting Johnny with a black actor was a gimmick. If both Johnny and Sue were cast as African American, I might say otherwise. The integrity of the story would still be intact.

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Actually now she’s adopted.

And I don’t see how that ruins the integrity.

I agree. The logic is puzzling to me.

“We want to buy the rights to this franchise… then turn around and completely change the chemistry which has proven to be insanely successful and has literally already generated billions”.

Shrewd plan…

Most comic properties aren’t hugely successful. Most struggle to get 50k monthly readers.


In 1979 too David.