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Casting Fantastic Four and The X-Men in the MCU


When/if the FF are brought into the MCU, I’d be happy if Dr. Doom was done half as good as he is here:


I’d go crazy and just do a DooM 2099 movie… why? Well the proper question is: why wouldn’t you???


Holy Shit! I have The Greatest Showman on here, just in the background really… But looking at Jackman and Efron, Efron could easily do Logan… height, build… add some gruffness and age him up… I wasn’t convinced about Jackman twenty years ago and felt the same about him then as I do about Efron now.

Anyone know if he can act?


Efron should be Moon Knight


Efron could have easily been Johnny Storm at some point in time. I honestly haven’t seen him as anything other than the pretty boy, so I don’t know what his range as an actor is.


Anyone should be Moon Knight.


My 13-year-old niece says “YES!!!” :confused:


Might be a bit too tall at 6’ even, but, if he wasn’t already on Agents of SHIELD, I could definitely see him as Wolverine:


I think you’re still going too old. McGowan is 37; he’d probably be at least 40 when they get around to releasing a Wolverine movie.

I also don’t think he’s that good. He’s fine as a supporting character on SHIELD or The 100 or Black Sails, but I don’t see him as a leading man or movie star at all. He’s apparently the lead in the upcoming fifth Scorpion King movie, so maybe that’ll prove me wrong (it won’t).


Danny Devito shoulda been Wolverine!

Jonah Hill should take over from Jackman. Or John Hawkes as Old Logan.

Not good looking. A real stray dog.




Sorta like this:

Maybe Liev should audition…

Seriously though, his Sabretooth was better than anything else in Wolverine including Hugh Jackman. I think he’d be excellent a choice for Lobo, honestly.


Knowing that Thor, Harley Quinn, Jor El, Killian, and others have emerged from Home and Away and Neighbours, are there any future superheroes here now?


NO! Brandon Auret is Lobo!!!


For a weird moment there I thought you had said there were five Scorpion King movies. That would just be stupid.

OMG :confounded:


If you count The Mummy Returns, there’s six.


Keep in mind, this is Screen Rant:


Wouldn’t it be great if the end of Infinity War was the FF showing up and blasting Thanos, and then the post-credits scene was Doom picking up the Gauntlet.

‘The Avengers will return in SECRET WARS’


hmmm, no, honestly it wouldn’t be :smile:

Let the current heroes have their 2-parter farewell, and let Thanos have his moment to shine… There are enough threats for the F4 to tackle later on…


I would rather Dr. Doom not get the Infinity Gauntlet.

It front loads his character too much to give him the IG in his first appearance. If Doom does show up in the MCU, I want him to be a major antagonist and giving him omnipotence in his first appearance makes anything else he does a let-down.