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Casting Fantastic Four and The X-Men in the MCU


If you’re going to go with casting from the Office, I think it’s pretty clearly Johnny, Reed, Sue, Ben here.


Saw a trailer for A Quiet Place and was struck that Krasinski & Blunt would be solid Reed & Sue.


Damn it, just let the man stay retired! Is anyone trying to get Michael Keaton to play Batman again?


I’d take a Birdman-style reprise from Keaton right now.
If you whisper in DC’s ear, they’re probably so confused right now that they’d think about it.


Batman Beyond with Keaton as Bruce and Michael B. Jordan as Terry.


That is brilliant!


…I actually really like that.


Michael B. Jordan is the wrong eye color for Terry.


Someone who I’ve seen mentioned for Gambit:


What? No! Cleary, that should be Reed, Ben, Sue, Jonny!



Stephen Lang is desperate for some of that Marvel cheddar. You’ve got imagine all actors are cramming their Marvel history books for a chance to get cast as a Marvel regular.


If this isn’t Mags, no one is.



Magneto is a mutant, not an alien.


They really should have licensed Marvel cheddar by now. :smile:


A range of Marvel Cheeses is bound to be on the cards.



This makes me wistful for the time when we had more Gambit enthusiasts on the board. I am not one myself but I enjoyed the conversations they engendered.


Here are my choices for Victor Von Doom


They’d be wasted behind a mask.