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Casting Fantastic Four and The X-Men in the MCU


Stephen Amell- Reed
Melissa Beniost - Sue
Grant Gustin- Johnny
Dominic Purcell- Ben


You just ensured that @Tom_Punk will never see that FF movie.


Nobody else would see it either.


I think Krasinski conveys the right combination of intelligence, charm, goofiness, and (oddly) Dad-ness to portray Reed while still looking just enough like a leading man.


I prefer the buff action-scientist of Kirby or, more recently, Eaglesham.



Exactly. Kirby perfected the invisibility power for comics, but it is infinitely (well, actually it is to the power of 3) worse for film. Essentially, with invisibility, I think that the creative team needs to concede that it is “visible” to the audience when in the “third person” perspective, but invisible when from the point of view of any character in the film. That when you are shooting the film from the point of view of a character (antagonist or hero), then it is just strange things happening that they can’t see, but when it is from the point of view of Sue or of the audience, then you need some sort of CGI outline to express it.

With Reed, I think it has to be really well considered. And I think his stretching power must look more “liquid” than “rubber” unless a comedic effect is intended. The flow of water (or mercury) is both beautiful and can be dramatic, but rubbery movement is inherently funny and ridiculous.



Thanks’t kind of terrible. :rofl:


Looks like Will Riker :joy:


Carlos Penavega as Wolverine. He’s short too. Not 5’3" but close enough at 5’6"


Correct build and heigh… dunno about the face (looks too hispanic) & acting skills tho =P

Not a horrible choice, look-wise…


The choice for Xavier is the only one I really find myself agreeing with.


I like a couple of them actually.

I’ve been thinking more and more of Anthony Starr as Wolverine, I think he could do a fantastic job based on what he was like on Banshee.



Edit: And I think he’s about 5.9" which is prob closest we’re gonna get.


I like Starr as Wolverine. I liked him on Banshee as the soulful badass. Lucas Hood was a very Wolverine-like character: A morally ambiguous tough guy with a mysterious past who won’t back down from a fight.

The height thing doesn’t bother me. I don’t think casting a short, 5’ 3" type would work in live action. Ideally, I’d see Wolverine as someone on the lower end of average height, like 5’8" or so.


He’s 42 though, so unlikely. I can’t see them casting anyone over 40 (and it’ll be a few years before they’re casting at all). Jackman was 31 when he was cast.


Yeah if it weren’t for the age, he’d be great… he was sooo visceral in Banshee, he’d make a great Logan.

I really like that Carlos Penavaga suggestion, I mean, he’s too hispanic-looking (Logan’s Canadian =/), but what I like is precisely taking someone unknown but fitting for the role. I still think that’s the best way to go… Wolverine has the huge advantage of being Wolverine… that’s enough to draw in ticket sales… you can go with an unkown actor for that one without worrying too much.


I’m oddly ok with all these suggestions in the article.


Nah, those are all wrong… well the boys, that is. The guy they picked for Cyclops should be either Iceman or Angel, 'cause those pretty eyes would be completely wasted behind a visor (also, Scott ain’t supposed to be a pretty boy, that’s more Warren’s thing). So I would at least switch Scott with Bobby and Hank with Angel, cause that Harry Styles guy looks more like beast.

But to be honest, eeew, I don’t want the teen X-Men… give us adults… even if young-ish.