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Casting Fantastic Four and The X-Men in the MCU


I don’t think it’s to do with Disney’s streaming service. Ever since Agents of Shield, the MCU movie stuff has never directly referenced any of the TV series. The references only go in the other direction.

Which makes sense. The audience for the movies is much bigger than the audience for the TV series. It’s a much safer assumption that TV audiences have seen the movies than that moviegoers are familiar with the TV shows.


Sure, but when Justice League cuts to a civilian family or the first Avengers gave particular civilians a minute or two of screentime, I don’t think that cutting away to see Foggy look worried or The Punisher preparing to lock and load would be a problem.


Yeah, I mean it’s not like they wouldn’t if they wanted… Plus the MCU is full of those little easter eggs… I do think it’s an isue of licensing once again, but hey I’d love to be wrong =/


While Reed needn’t be a heart-throb he probably should still be a reasonably attractive man, rather than the “sexy-ugly” these guys have going.


It would be kinda cool if there is one superhero team that is all ugly people. Why do superheroes have to be handsome?


Who wants to watch ugly people? It enough to turn me off shows/movies/sports.


Please don’t be lookist!


No more uggos on screen - PLEASE! Real life is bad enough…


This has been the era of odd looking men - a far cry from the buff action stars we used to have. Loads of actors who’d struggle to get laid were it not for their fame.

However I think Reed suits sexy ugly. It makes him selling how smart he is easier - Chris Hemsworth would be a hard sell as a science genius. That’s why I think Office Jim would work - so long as he had a haircut.


Joel Edgarton or Jon Hamm for Reed
Elizabeth Banks or Tina Fey for Sue
Efron for Johnny
Industrial Light and Magic for Ben


They needn’t be buff - buffness was often not paired with classic handsomeness back in the day anyway; your Arnies, Stallones, and Bruce Willises. And famous people have always done well with the ladies - see Ringo.

I can see Jim from the office working I guess - though he did buff up for that military film, and I tend to see Reed Richards as tall and thin.


Doubtful any production designer or casting director would use this as a guideline, but here’s a character sheet John Byrne once did for the FF:


Marvel will buff him up. They skinnyified Chris Pratt and pretty much ruined him, when chubby Starlord would have been even funnier.


Just going by the original Lee/Kirby issues, I always got the impression that Reed was Ward Cleaver with superpowers.


With that in mind, I submit Jason Sudeikis as Reed Richards.


Who probably could have played Reed once upon a time:


That Byrne Reed made me totally think of Brosnan…



Christian, some things are just a little too ridiculous to suggest, even as a joke.


Well, she’s a natural blonde, so she’d just have to wash out the red color.


Oh, she is? I’ve only ever seen her as a red-head, going back as far as Firefly.

Problem solved!!!