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Casting Fantastic Four and The X-Men in the MCU


Too bad Tennant’s already played a MCU role.


I don’t think it precludes him at all. Only the nerdiest fans would have an issue.


I don’t think Marvel TV is canon in the same way the movies are, but good lord do I hate David Tennant. I would hope we could do better?

Then again, maybe I’m one of the nerdiest fans and that’s why I’d have an issue.


Then you might wanna steer clear of the Ducktales reboot.


They’re making a live action Ducktales?

Anyway, Tennant comes across as someone who is clever but not necessarily smart, which is the opposite of where you would like to go with Reed, I think. But I do think his role in JJ shouldn’t keep him from the part if that is where they want to go with him.


Who is she?


A very long, hard task.




I, too, would favor the Fantastic Four being set in the early 60s.

So much of the mythology – the family concept, the early space age – is set in that era that it seems like that’s the best way to go.

Set in 1961. Have them meet JFK. Lots of funky Jack Kirby machinery. A cameo appearance by Peggy Carter of SHIELD amd her teenage protégée Nick Fury. Howard Stark funded their rocket ship. Doctor Doom rules over Latveria.

And then, in 1963, the FF and Doctor Doom get trapped in the Negative Zone or get sent out to space, and then return in the modern day. Doom returns to Latveria to wreck havoc in the MCU. Reed meets Tony Stark (providing he survives Thanos), learns about the assassination of Kennedy, and adjusts to our world. Johnny Storm and Peter Parker become buds. The Thing slugs it out with the Hulk.


Matt Smith or Adrian Brody as Reed.
Kristin Bell as Sue.
Vin Diesel as Ben. Or his voice, anyway.
Not sure about Johnny, as I don’t follow tweener actors.
Also not sure about Doom, either. Since he never removes his mask, probably going to be a voice actor.


Alice Eve:


Probably best known in geek circles as Carol Marcus in Star Trek Into Darkness.


He did? Who?


to lazy to read anyone else’s picks but after just reading Hickams fantastic four/Future Fundation over the break I thought Zac Efron could make a good Johnny Storm.

That’s all.


Purple Man



I’ll be honest, I really think having the FF originally from the 60s would be a huge mistake for a movie. The “fish out of water” bit only lasts for one movie. When their next movie rolls around, they are pretty much integrated and up to speed. The idea works better as a TV series where you have time to explore the idea but even then, that wears out pretty quickly. Besides, that idea of “out of time” characters has already been done with Captain America.

It would be better to keep them contemporary. If nothing else, cover their origin during the opening credits as a flashback/narration/whatever and jump straight into them being established. I thought it worked quite well with the latest Spider-Man.


Damn, that completely slipped my mind!

I don’t think Fiege has watched any of the Netflix series so it probably won’t stand in the way of him getting cast in one of the films.


I would kill for just 1 cut away shot of Luke and Jessica looking to the sky whilst Thanos rains down hell on New York in either Infinity 1 or 2


Yeah! I think Luke getting a save, or a punch in at the right time would be awesome. Spidey saying “Wow. Thanks”, and Luke answers “No problem. You’re kind of young to be out here aren’t you?”.




Oh while I’d also love at least a nod from the Netflix-verse in IW, I doubt it’s gonna happen (and looking backward I guess that’s why they never even hinted at it) now that we know that Disney is gonna split from Netflix to form their own service (but I reckon the Netflix shows will stay at Netflix, so another Fox/Sony-like situation).