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Casting Fantastic Four and The X-Men in the MCU


I’ll throw in John Krasinski and Kristin Bell for Reed and Sue.


I only see Krasinski as Jim…Nothing else he has done since The Office has convinced me he can do anything else.


I don’t think Gyllenhall would work; there’s always something unsettling about him, like’s he’s got a bit of a screw loose. In a way that wouldn’t fit Reed.

Ed Norton would be brilliant, but I don’t think they could get him for a long-term commitment. After Hulk, I doubt they’d go for him, or he’d go for it.

For actors who can really play genius and who are the right age, I think we should go with Robert Downey Jr. I hear he’s wrapping up his last commitment, so he should be free :wink:

Speaking of double casting, it’s a bit of a shame that Mark Ruffalo is already occupied; he’d make for a good Reed, too.

I wonder what would happen if one were to cast Sam Rockwell as Reed. I’d like to see what he would do with that kind of role.

Bit left-field, but it makes sense to me when I think about it: Jonny Lee Miller. Maybe it’s just because he does it so well in Elementary - take the playing-a-genius part from that, but give him more warmth and (a bit) less abrasiveness, make him less physical and more intellectual. I think the result could be interesting.

Sue - Christian Hendricks. And yes, just bloody dye the hair.


Wolverine ( Taylor ‘Hulk Hands’ Freeland )
Freeland is the first ‘little person’ MMA fighter. Clocking at 4′11″ he’s savage as fuck. He has such a tight strike zone that when a ‘normal’ sized opponent tried to hit him, they leave themselves open. Then he lunges, climbs them, and then hits them with a barrage of fast tight jabs. If you want to avoid people comparing the new Wolverine to to Hugh Jackman go small and ferocious and make most of his lines consist of grunts, snarls, and other guttural sounds. This is the sort of guy you need to cast if we’re ever gonna see the fastball special.

**Cyclops ** ( Jensen Ackles )
Best known as Dean Winchester on Supernatural… keep the look and attitude then add optic blasts. You need a Cyclops with attitude if you’re dealing with a feral Wolverine.

Kitty Pryde ( Alison Brie )
Brie can play wholesome and sexy ( often at the same time. ) She also has great comedic timing. I could see her phasing through a wall or door at inopportune moments and then going full deer in the headlights. Pair her with Lockheed this time.

**Colossus **( Stefan Kapicic and Greg Lasalle )
These guys killed it in Deadpool. That combo of mocap and voice showed the truest character on the screen. In a movie with a throwable Wolverine and Kitty Pryde, Colossus is a must.

Storm ( Maisie Richardson-Sellers )
If you’ve been watching Legends of Tomorrow Season 2, she’s been killing it as 1940’s Vixen. That combo of stunt work, attitude, and working with special effects make her a good fit for the weather witch.

Phoenix ( Christina Hendricks )
One, I’d go strait to Phoenix. Two, she’s a great actress who’s excellent at emoting. I know she’s more rubenesque than most depictions of Jean but that isn’t a bad thing esp if we’re trying to put some distance between this iteration and Famke Janssen.

Beast ( Hugh Bonneville )
He has an aristocratic tone to his voice without sounding cold/ distant. It’s a hard line to draw to sound both upper class and caring but that’s the mark you need to hit for Hank. Naturally, the body itself would be mostly mo-cap and CGI but I think he face and voice are a strong foundation to that. Model wise, I’d push it pretty far from a human canon of proportions but I’m big on each character casting a different silhouette.

Warpath ( Geno Segers )
Segers role as Chayton on Banshee would be a perfect fit for Warpath esp if he’s playing a version of the character that’s an X-man but has an uneasy alliance because he still blames them for the death of his brother Thunderbird.

Nightcrawler ( Colin Morgan )
Best known for Merlin and shows like Doctor Who, Morgan is trained in parkour and Shakesphere and somewhere between those 2 points bamfs the Nightcrawler.

Magik ( Elle Fanning )

Coming off movies like Neon Demon and Beguiled, Fanning has shown an ability to be the right combo of distant and aggressive to be Collossus’s little sister.

IceMan ( Neil Patrick Harris )

If it’s not already clear, I’m casting the original roaster older but Bobby always has a puckish charm.

Forge ( Danny Trejo )

I think having a bad-ass Q to gear the team goes a long way toward addressing how they stayed off the radar. Forge’s depiction has varied more wildly than most. This is the Forge I’m fancasting.

Armor ( Rila Fukushima )

Between her role in the Wolverine and playing Katana on Arrow she’s an Asian actress which plays well domestic and overseas who’s comfortable in the genre and Armor would be a character we haven’t seen that could play well cinematically.

There’s room for other cameos and support characters… but that’s where I’d start with X-men. Good diversity in age, gender, race, size, shape, etc. By casting the originals as older actors it opens up past decades if they want to jump around later. I like the built in legacy. I’d probably have Prof X missing and Magneto living in isolation just to draw a clear distinction from the Fox films. Villain for the first movie is likely Mr Sinister.

If casting Mr Sinister I’d either go Jonathan Rhys Myers
or I’d just recolor Colossus


As far as Fantastic Four,
Thing would mostly be mo-cap but I’d go Terry Crews. He moves like a big guy, but can play the kitten. He’s ok with making jokes about his size, giving that big old grin, and he’s down with getting weird.

Sue, I’d go with Alexandra Daddario… down with action. She has range, a really expressive face, and can fill out the suit.

While Baywatch kind of sucked… she seemed to play well off Zac Efron in interviews etc.

And after seeing him pranking in Neighbors, I’d consider Efron for Johnny.

as for Reed I’m not trying to match the comic look perfectly rather round out that family so probably the biggest wildcard of the bunch… Seth Rogen.

With Rogen I’m basing it more on him than any character he plays. The energy he brings to interviews etc is the sort of level of passion and awkwardness I’d want from Reed.


Joel Edgerton as Ben Grimm. Make it happen! He wouldn’t need to change that voice at all, and maybe more people would find out how awesome he is.

And plug in another Aussie as Reed? Eric Bana!


I love everything you wrote. Except I can’t buy Hendricks as Jean.


I’m still after a 60s period piece for FF, could see Jon Hamm as Mr Fantastic


I know I said it as a joke at the start of the thread but I genuinely do think Tom Cruise could pull off Reed. As long as he was prepared to get the character right and not Tom Cruse-ify him.


What about Tom Cruise as the Impossible Man?


Holy crap! :heart_eyes:


I actually thought about that one, too, but I don’t think it’d be right. Cruise has too physical a presence, too much manic energy; Reed needs to be more withdrawn, colder, head-based. If you make a Cruise Reed, you don’t need Jonny anymore. It screws with the team dynamics too much.


I’m not suggesting Marvel Girl era etc. I’m seeing Hendricks as a Jean who’s got 1 foot in trying to run the school and is already on her 2nd or 3rd life. This Jean’s got a little Emma Frost influence in her attitude but is working her way back to the woman she used to be.

I like the idea of having a fuller figured but still sexy female superhero in the mix. It opens a lot of doors for cosplayers etc. and cuts a different silhouette. The sash belt that’s part of the Phoenix costume could be adapted almost as a sarong. A few small adjustments ( less than say Scarlet Witch ) and the costume could be made for her.

Why Jean? Well, you don’t need to be in the traditional Marvel shape if your power set included telepathy and telekinesis. You need to be able to emote with your face and body… and Hendricks has that in spades.


Ah, but, if you imagine some of Cruise’s more stoic roles and put him in the ring with a Zach Efron knowing the psychological relationship there as his younger brother in law with Efron being the young manic, cocky guy… There’s a real chance for Cruise to elevate himself as a foil to what he was always so good at, a sort of maturing as an actor - I watched American Made and firmly believe it’s time for him to settle into more mature roles that disregard that side of him.


Cruise can be great as anything, but I think Marvel don’t want to hitch their future to that wagon.

I’ve seen Matt Smith being mentioned a lot. I could definitely see that.

Honestly I’m as excited for the Reed casting as I have been for any character in years. Can’t wait to see Reed done right on the big screen.


That could work. As long as he stays well away from being foppish.


I love Impossible Man but if you’re going to cast Impossible Man… 2 people come to mind:

Gilbert Gottfreid is the definitive voice of Mister Mxyzptlk but if you’re going to bring him to screen he looks more like Imppy.
Tom Kenny had been voice acting animated characters for decades. Best known now as Sponge Bob, he’s also voiced close to 100 DC and Marvel characters over the last 2 decades including Impossible Man in multiple series.


The rest I’m not conviced, but JRM for Mr.S is just inspired =)

Am I the only guy who liked this guy as Reed? =(

I thought they all were good, but Alba was a bit of an uninspired choice (they had to have an A-list though, at that time, so understandable).


One of my picks for Storm-Nona Gaye:


Thinking of Doctors as Reed (as they’re similar types of character) David Tennant would be a first rate Reed. You can immediately imaging him making Stark look dumb, can see how Ben could be protective of himeven though they’re nothing alike, how Sue could adore him even though he doesn’t really reciprocate and how he’d be so frustrating for Doom. The only issue would be being a Dad, he doesn’t come off as fatherly. You’d need good actors to help him with that part. Assuming they include the kids (they’d be crazy if they didn’t).