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Casting Fantastic Four and The X-Men in the MCU


Haven’t watched mind hunter yet, but I have a feeling they may not necessarily go for a white actor for Ben Grimm for some reason. I think bar the accent there is a lot of wriggle room there.


Damon should have been Cap. It’d have been perfect for him and Marvel. It’s a real miss. He’s not Reed though. He’s too far removed from comic Reed and Disney won’t do that. These actors are essentially defining the comic characters for the next 40 years.

Ed Norton. Jim from the Office. Gyllenhall. They’d all sound credible speaking science and making Stark look like a dummy. And considering this actor will essentially be an ambassador for science they need someone who is smart in real life.

I love the idea of Fox Mulder being Reed but it’d never happen.


The biggest problem with Mr Fantastic is that while stretch powers look fine in 2D comics, they look too strange in live action CGI. Unless played for laughs, the cartoony nature of it doesn’t work very well. And if played too straight, it gets a bit too into body horror. Even though the book did derive from the horror comics Kirby was doing and the monster movies playing all over in the 60’s, FF essentially was bright and inviting.

If they are going to make another FF movie, they really need to figure out how to make Mr Fantastic work without risking making the audience laugh or gag when they don’t mean for them to. If I was an actor up for the role, I’d want to know how they plan to do that - and see it - before accepting.


I still think you really need a consumate family man though. I know it’s difficult with actors in this day and age but I think that needs to be a factor, the smart angle may not be enough. Also you need someone who can talk down to stark but never come across as overly condescending.


I’d say they will have that planned very early. It will be part of the script to make those changes in Reed play straight but work realistically without being horrifying, they’ll need to know how that will work early, as with all Four. Flame on is going to need to look awesome too, and invisible but original in how the audience see invisibility.


I’m kinda for condescending Reed. He’s just on another level from everyone else.

And I think you just bypass the stretching powers. If he has to stretch you avoid human flesh.


I think that works if it’s accidental. Gyllanhal could pull that off.

Your stretch rule is a good one.


I also think FF needs to have a Guardians/Ragranok tone.


Definitely. Was it you pitched no origin, them just arriving back on earth after having been lost for years? If so, Feige needs to send you that futurama ‘take my money’ meme.




I was going to suggest no origin. And them just appearing as supporting characters in an Avengers or even Thor film.


Post-credits scene, perhaps?


First appearance wise but only slightly, I think you need to really introduce them with a very big bang of a weird, weird, fun movie of their own.


Think I found a Ben Grimm:


That’s my pitch. Off world lost for the last 10 years. Having babies and adventures.


Reed and Sue…


Forgive my ignorance, but, um…who dis?


I’m surprised no one has suggested this group as the new FF and Dr Doom:

Charlie = Reed
Dee = Sue
Mac = Johnny
Frank = Ben
Dennis = Doom


Glenn Howerton and Jill Latiano, also married in real life.


My pick for Wolverine: