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Casting Fantastic Four and The X-Men in the MCU


Adrien Brody as Reed Richards. Yes!!!


Well, they’d certainly be able to get him for cheap at least. :joy:


I’d have cast this guy as Reed:


As an added bonus, he’s already been involved in the death of one Superman. (Hollywoodland, which happens to costar Ben Affleck. This would be perfect casting all the way around.)


I belive his time has pass a little, but i always tought that Vincent Cassel would have make an excellent Gambit back in the day.

And yes, i want a Solo movie of Ryan Goslin as Cyclops.


eh no, he’s gotten pretty old and fat… doesn’t look like Reed at all… he kinda looks like Doom in Runaways tho =P


Obviously, this guy is the perfect Reed Richards.

And, of course, the truth is that his real “love affair” is with Ben Grimm. Sue is psychological deflection. He doesn’t really love her, but she is a socially acceptable outlet for the feelings he has for the men in his life - namely Ben and Victor. Ben representing the perfect masculine and Victor, the perfect intellect.

This is why Sue is all to ready to jump in the sack with Namor who actually loves her for who she is. She doesn’t care that he is a perfect man and royalty - he actually sees her while Reed simply sees everything that she’s not.

The emotional and psychological situation of the Fantastic Four is just screwed beyond belief.


Two-year-old fancast I found:


Found a candidate for Sue:


Reed shouldn’t be a “superhunk”, but he should still be an attractive dude - so Adrien Brody is out. Hugh Dancy is too short - even without using his powers Reed should be a tall guy.

How about him from Mindhunter as Cyclops?

And get David Harbour in to be a proper Cable.

James Franco as Gambit.


I’d watch a Franco Gambit movie. Probably the only Gambit movie I’d watch.


I dunno, I sorta picture James Franco as Sublime.


Here’s her costume:


I think one of the things to remember is the MCU try to cast people based on their real personality crossing over with the characters. With that in mind Franco would probably be closer to Johnny Storm. Problem there is we could end up with him somehow getting Seth Rogan in there as The Thing. I was thinking Matt Damon is the closest fit for Reed, personality wise, that I’ve thought of, but he would make a pretty much better Hank McCoy.


Ain’t he a bit short? How about Jude Law instead?


Jude Law works.


Matt Damon as Reed is another great choice. And Ben Affleck as Dr. Doom?


Laws already playing Mar-Vell.


I think Law is a bit too cocky to inhabit that Reed space. You need someone who is assured but not overconfident and a real family man.


How about the other guy from Mindhunter as Ben Grimm? Holt McCallany.