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Casting Fantastic Four and The X-Men in the MCU


Loeb is in charge of Marvel TV, but his job is mostly aimed at bigger picture stuff like initial casting, hiring other writers, etc. He doesn’t do any writing on them himself.


Saw that on facebook earlier, and honestly, wtf’s up with that clearly 80’s wallpaper on a “90’s” joke? What’s with jokes today? they are suckin major balls… :smile:

Other than that, too much wrong to list… u_u


The wallpaper looks very Saved by the Bell to me, which is a super-90s show that started in the 80s.


Technically that was Good Morning, Miss Bliss which was, quite frankly, superior in every way because Haley Mills.


He does much more than that. He’s the main producer - every storyline is cleared, budgets are set, production design, series structure and so on. He approves every significant decision. He’s far more involved than Feige is with the movies (directors tend to have more autonomy than show runners).


Saved by the Bell started in 1989 too.

I don’t remember Good Morning, Miss Bliss ever airing here.


I remember it but could have been after the rebranding. I remember because I loved Hayley Mills as The parent Trap was a family movie in my house that we re-watched a fair bit when I was wee. I remember being really disappointed when she was no longer in it and, like most tv shows when a character leaves, not even mentioned again lol.


What would be really nifty is if they did X-Men as a streaming series, but fully integrated into the MCU. So you could have, say, Wolverine or other X-Men show up in a movie or two, some MCU characters dropping in on the X-Men series (like Evans’ Captain America in a Wolverine flashback to WWII, ala Uncanny #268), Yadda yadda yadda.

Then have a big Avengers vs X-Men event movie at some point.


It is unfortunate, but getting a real crossover between television and film is very difficult as AGENTS OF SHIELD has shown. Eventually, though, I think the amount of movies and television being produced and released for the same platform (streaming services) will make that approach the norm.


I would be happy with the X-Men as a proper cartoon series aimed at adults. Gives breathing room for relationships to flesh out and for new cast members to join, and also lets them hit the more adult oriented emotional beats and plot points that the comics (used to) do so well.

10 episodes per season on Netflix or HBO would be ideal
Season 1- Sentinels, Government influence, etc. Episode 8 is a flashback to the forming of the original 5. tease Mags at the end
Season 2 - Mags and Brotherhood. Flashback episodes to origins of current cast.
Season 3 - The Brood at first, then the last half of the season dedicated to Dark Phoenix/Death of Jean.


If they’re trying to win the streaming wars I could see that kind of stunt really working. It’s not quite putting a big budget movie direct to streaming, but it’s flirting with that idea. And given that Netflix are already pitting $100 million movies direct to streaming who knows what Disney have planned.


Huh, I’d rather see X-Men go the opposite route. Xavier’s is a school for gifted children and I would prefer seeing a show focused on that and aimed at teens. Hopefully not animated either. The key would just be finding the right balance so it can be a bit soapy without being overly melodramatic.


I’d like to see more focus on education at the school as well. What happens when the state education board shows up to inspect? Are the kids given extra time to turn in their book reports if Magneto or Juggernaut smashes their dorm?


In Jason Aaron’s run on Wolverine and the X-Men, he had an issue where he was trying to get the school accredited. Wackiness ensued.



And I think I’ve found another actress for MCU Storm:

Granted, she was already in Luke Cage, but so was Alfre Woodard.



I know I’m a bit late to the party, but Winter Soldier may as well have been written by Millar (despite it obviously coming from the Brubaker arc).


How so? I can see the Triskelion and Cap on the run from SHIELD but not much else (particularly in Cap’s characterization).


Is it like we suggested here, by having them disappear into another dimension in the sixties and return today, without having aged (due to timey-wimey)?