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Casting Fantastic Four and The X-Men in the MCU


I think it can definitely help. Part of the strength of the ‘British Invasion’ of the late 80s is a lot of the writers weren’t actually that familiar with the characters or US comics in general (Garth Ennis and Neil Gaiman never read any for example) so their take was pretty fresh by default. Especially compared to some of the fan/editor/writers that were around.


Well the obvious entry point would be Annihilation and go from there until DnA departed, for the modern take…

For the old-school take… I dunno, that’s tougher. Starlin’s Warlock is a good entry point I guess… 'cause you can go all the way to the Infinity events and other stuff from there… Hey, at the very least the Death of Capt. Marvel OGN is sort of a must read. First OGN, too… =P


I still like the original Captain Marvel series by Lee and Colan.

It felt very much like Marvel version of THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL. it really fit into that crazy period of 60’s sci-fi movies.



I don’t know about casting yet, but my ideal X-Men team would be: Storm (leader), Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Psylocke, and Colossus. Then with some minor characters that could show up irregularly like Kitty, Dazzler, Havok, Polaris, Gambit, etc.

Then have the original five of Cyclops, Jean, Angel, Beast, and Iceman operating as X-Factor.

And an X-Force team of Cable, Domino, Cannonball, and other associated New Mutants/X-Force regulars.

It would essentially be the mid-80s to early 90s versions of the teams, but that was the era I started reading so I’m biased. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would assume that they’re going to avoid retreading the Fox films (do we need a third Dark Phoenix?), so they might draw from things like the Mutant Masacre, Inferno, X-Tinction Agenda, and X-Cutioner’s Song.

If Disney does get the X-rights, I suspect they would take two or three phases (or the equivalent of) that would be heavily mutant-centric like Phases I-III were Avengers-centered. Doing so would also give the Avengers a rest and time to recast (if necessary after Infinity War) and then reintroduce the characters in an Avengers vs X-Men event.


No kidding. I read some of the stuff from this period and I was like, this is exactly in the spirit of the movie(s)! Definitely recommend Abnett/Lanning.


I guess there isn’t much chance of it happening, since it would likely leave too much money on the table, but I would love it if they just made the X-Men into a TV show instead. I think the best comic runs they had were as much soap opera as spectacle and there isn’t much chance of really sinking one’s teeth into that stuff in a few two hour movies.


I totally agree about X-Men working best as a tv series.

I’ve long thought it would work great in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer format where each season has a “big bad.”

First season BB would be Magneto and the Brotherhood, second season Hellfire Club and Dark Phoenix, third season Apocalypse and the horsemen, etc, etc. It would give the longer arcs more breathing room,set up long-term arcs (like Rogue starting out as a villain), and would give individual characters a lot more development than tney would get in an two hour ensemble film.

I always thought that was a pipe dream, though, as it would be a big budget affair to prevent it from looking cheap… tons of make-up, special effects, eleborate fight scenes.

But the way we’re heading with streaming… Amazon is apparently dropping a billion on Tolkien, and Game of Thrones and Star Trek Discovery always looks boss, so we may not be far off from the day it could be pulled off.



Like those, only with the characters that the world at large has heard about and that have all the best X-Men stories…


I would love that. Especially if, after season three, Wolverine moves to LA to open up a detective agency and encounters Emma Frost and Banshee and an evil law firm representing Hell.


The first two X-men movies actually reminded me a lot of the feel of the Star Trek movies. Like they were adapted from a long running television show.


Landau, Luckman, and Lake.



The big difference in the 90’s though would be…

Nick Fury


Given that they already have a full slate of movie franchises it would make sense for them to save the X Men for their streaming service. They’d need to move away from Loeb though, he’s been a bit of a disaster.


Fun! I can actually see a lot of those. Not Dolph, though - no way. Maybe Patrick Swayze :wink:
And Oldman is way wrong for Loki. But I’d love to see GotG with that cast.

And they should’ve just left Robert Downey Jr. in there as Iron Man! That’s an inexcusable miss of that particular gag!

EDIT: John Cusack instead of Broderick for Ant-Man!



Nah, they should have stuck with Paul Rudd just to go with the jokes about him being ageless.


I have a feeling that Loeb’s name in the credits for Legion is just a legal formality and he has no influence on the series whatsoever.