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Casting Fantastic Four and The X-Men in the MCU


Under the Marvel Studios aegis, how could it not?


They must have already if they are now at at number Four.


I’ll question Disney all day on Star Wars, but after seeing them right the ship with Gotg2, Ragranok, Homecoming and Black Panther how can anyone questions them? Their ability to package brands into something fresh, rather than just sticking to the same formula is amazing and shows full confidence. I’m comfortable expecting the FF to be billion dollar movies and the characters to be as household as Stark and Cap have become.


Ideally, I would see Doom introduced in the first FF film, and then turned over to the greater MCU as a lead villain.

I’d love too see Dr. Strange & Dr. Doom: Triumph and Tragedy, that would feature both of them battling Mephisto.

Dr. Doom vs the Avengers.

Dr. Doom solo film.

Endless possibilities.


I tend to agree, but maybe Marvel is not infallible. One time they may do a movie which will fail. Could be Fantastic Four.


I think they’ve made several movies that failed already. Dr Strange, Age of Ultron and Civil War were all failures in my mind. But they have a legion of fans now that will make nearly everything earn over $600 million, and they have a degree of success that makes audiences accept weaknesses that wouldn’t be accepted in other movies.

I’ve heard from many people in the bar when we’re being honest that Black Panther is just an ok movie, and that’s what I believe. I expect Infinity War to be a bad movie. But they’re still infallible in that they have no bombs and no movies that critics score less than 60% in RT.


I think Jim nailed FF ages ago on here. It was along the lines of start the movie in the 60s and have them disappear into the negative zone. The movie would be in the Negitive zone - all out adventure. Then the end sees them returning to earth in 2021 with a couple of kids but barely aged. Earth isn’t exciting enough for their first movie.

You can get Doom in there too. He goes with them to the Negative Zone but finds away home for himself leaving the rest behind, with Grimm doing something to affect his return. In a post credits scene we see a man from the shoulders down watching the FF return on the news talking about how Grimm ruined his face with the camera panning further down to see him welding an iron mask.


The odds on the MCU having a box office flop must be astronomical, but the standards are different for ‘failure.’

People talk about Justice League as if it was a flop. It wasn’t. It just didn’t make the target for that type of film. Right now in comic book movies it’s about targets as it’s is rare for any of them to outright struggle to break even. That’s why they’re being compared to the western bevause the same was true, it was simply about targets. Westerns were around for a few decades before they struggled to make back budget. Even the bad ones.


The real question with Westerns is whether the demand was ever really there. They made loads of them because they were dirt cheap. In the early days basically everything just outside Holywood lots was a western set.

If history had worked differently and the English language film industry centred in Florida or London (genuine options in the history of film) we may have seen very different output. 100 Robin Hood films or stuff set in tropical climes.


Yeah I agree with that. i don’t think Age of Ultron, Civil War or Dr Strange were failures though, I thought they were OK too, kind of on the same level as Black Panther for me. Enjoyable, but not really great. The closest Marvel has come to a real turkey in my opinion was the second Thor movie.

Fantastic Four seems right up their alley though, it’s hard to imagine how they might screw it up. Though mathematically they have to screw up eventually. Maybe they Hawkeye solo movie when they do that eventually…


That’s not a bad way to go, but at heart, they really need to find the story they want to tell. What’s the conflict? What are the stakes?

I think they should make something out of the idea that Reed really never faced the consequences of his irresponsible behavior. Instead, he’s celebrated as “Mister Fantastic” and his family is the “Fantastic Four.” At heart, though, he majorly messed up and could have gotten them all killed. He did disfigure his best friend and that could have easily been him or his wife who now looks like a pile of rocks. Just because they all got superpowers doesn’t make it okay.

That’s the heart of the story. Reed denying that anything is really wrong, Sue trying to be supportive but also make him face his responsibility (“Reed, superpowers don’t make anything easier. You have to stop pretending all this didn’t just throw a wrecking ball through our lives.”)

At heart, the FF sticks close to family problems the way mutants in the X-men are really just about being a teenager.


All that can be done in the Negative Zone I think and would be a good crux to lay the story on having Reed finally get them out if danger and home. The stakes are very much the same as Lost In Space only with superpowers and Dr. Smith (Von Doom) cheats his way home before that. Reed loses all hope when he finally gets them home but puts Earth in danger and they rally and he gets them home having them work together for a crazy plan to work.

Their return and saving Earth in the process makes them famous - They have returned 50 years later youthful and superpowered and are dubbed The Fantastic Four. Rainn Wilson… er, I mean Victor Von Doom, is enraged by their fame and the fact they have superpowers while he is ‘disfigured’ and still very human and vows to destroy them by any means.

Edit: I apologise for how badly this is written I am doing two things at once


It will be interesting in regard to the Netflix Lost In Space reboot. If that’s a hit, would they want to be more like it or move away from it?


I still think that is a terrible idea. The “out of time” concept has already been done with Captain America. It feels like a retread.

And thinking about it some more, that’s kind of what they have done with Star Lord.


They do retread constantly though and are already doing a retread like this with Captain Marvel and the 90s. I think it would be a way to differentiate from the other FF movies. The FF is full of kooky ideas just like Captain America which are hard to update or modernize without rewriting a lot of who the characters are in a way.


Tried and tested :wink:


They could even joke about it:

“OK, show of hands: who here hasn’t been away from Earth and/or lost in time?”


*Hawkeye slowly raises hand


Ant-Man also straddled to time periods.

Which means it has been done to death. Time to let it go.

The Fantastic Four has always been about the future. They really need to be contemporary. The FF is about taking the present and moving it forward. Reed is an Elon Musk-esque genius. Sue is the savvy CEO running the business side so Reed is free to invent. I can see Johnny as the rush-junkie, extreme athlete. Ben is Reed’s friend from college who studied aircraft engineering or something like that then joined the Air Force as a pilot.


But to be fair, he was at home making babies. He may have had the better time. :smiley: