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Casting Fantastic Four and The X-Men in the MCU


The FF have a great, dramatic origin. Reed has all these ideas but can’t get any funding, so he sneaks into NASA and steals a rocket to go into space with his pals. And screws them up. That’s a quality first 30 minutes.

That said I think the FF works as a family or space faring adventurers. Marvel’s Lost in Space. And if you have an origin you have no FF kids, and the kids make the property sing. Plus I’d like a Reed that’s super smart through experience as well as intelligence - a human being who knows exactly what’s going on in the universe beyond Thanos, the Guardians and so on.

I’d assume Doom will be the kind of character who pirates Stark tech to make his own Iron Man suit.


I agree that’s the take I’d like to see so I think the solution has to be a flashback.

As with Mike and Christian’s comments I think you can include it without it being the typical origin story that takes up to half the running time.


I like the popular idea that’s been doing the rounds for a while now - as part of the accident, you also have them thrown forwards in time, so you can do the majority of the origin as historical (not necessarily '60s period, but it’s an option) and then have them show up in the present-day MCU fully-formed.


I don’t care if they redo the origin or not. I care how well, whatever approach they take, is done.

You can spend 30 minutes doing it well, three minutes doing it badly or vice versa.

We’ve seen two, very different, approaches to the origin, I don’t mind a third if it’s good.


Yes, I agree with all of that.

The one part of the origin that I think is crucial is the relationship between Reed and Ben. I feel it’s important to the dynamics of the team to firmly establish their relationship before and after they get powers.

The rest of it I think can be breezed over. I do like their origin but it’s also too reliant on Cold War era politics and it’s coming from an era when we, as a society, were more smitten with the notion of science as a way of exploring the unknown.


I don’t know. I think Doom would be to arrogant to steal someone else’s tech. I could see him going to Hammer at first but saw that it was all garbage and just be all, "screw it, I’ll do it myself. "


I think Doom in the MCU could be a great bridge between the tech world of Iron Man and the magic world of Dr Strange. I’d like to see him use elements of both in creating the suit.


As I have said before, I see Doom and Latveria as the Kim Jong Un and North Korea of the MCU. The brutal dictator of a closed country who was educated abroad. There are rumors about him and the country but no one knows for sure, not even Wakanda.

Give Doom a bit of menacing mystery to the characters of the MCU. Reed would be one who knows the most about him but not everything , especially his use of magic.


After A Quiet Place, I could absolutely see Krasinski/Blunt as Reed and Sue. So, that’s three of the four cast in my head.

And I quite like the suggestion of a CGI Thing with the voice of Alan Tudyk, so…


Audiences need to understand what Doom is and what he can do. His origin is as important as Reeds. He’s almost like Bruce Wayne, traveling around the world acquiring knowledge any way he can. So rather than building a suit he takes one. Rather than being taught magic he steals books. He definitely bridges Stark & Strange - that’s the best description of what he can do and it makes it easier for audiences to understand him. When in action we see a repulsor ray one second and a Dr Strange magic shield the next.

I think Latveria is the weakest element about him, it should barely be touched on. The idea of him coming from a rich, historical, powerful 0.0001% Eastern European family is enough, and works against a self made all American Reed. They have a pretty obvious Luthor vs Superman dynamic that they could use that Warner’s has squandered.

The first movie should stay away from Doom I think, or you risk every FF movie being about him (like Loki in Thor).


It seems like Namor is tied up with Universal.

What about Namorita? They could use her instead; just make her into a stone cold bitch with a fixation on Reed Richards or Johnny Storm. Or even Sue… which might be kind of hot. :wink: we all know that the MCU could use more prominent female characters, and a female antihero would be cool.


The MCU does Pacific Rim. I mean, that’s totally an FF film!


Yes, and I think that with the Thor movies having done some good groundwork in that area, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch for audiences.

I really hope we get a great Doom one day. He’s a favourite character but somehow the movies have never quite hit him right.


So Mole Man for the first movie?


Not for me. Negative Zone I think. They need to get off Earth, so either someone in space (another elder maybe) or the Negative Zone. Keeping them on Earth makes it tricky to address why the Avengers don’t show up, and another invasion of faceless waves of enemies isn’t a good idea (it’s the worst trend in modern movies and worries me about Infinity War).

High Evolutionary would be a good villain. KANG would be amazing but I think time travel a step too far for their first movie.


There is so much to establish in the first movie that I feel like the Negative Zone should be its own thing. Whereas the relationship to and history with Doom is just such a big part of the FF that I feel it should be covered in the first movie.


I feel that’s what killed the first movie. No other Marvel movie focuses on the villain like that, to the extent they’re the story. Even the X Men had Magneto in full swing and didn’t make him the core part of the story building.

But then I don’t think Doom should be a big part of the FF. They shouldn’t be held hostage to him. They have the best rogues gallery of all Marvel franchises (maybe not Spidey). I wouldn’t want him to be another Loki.


Yeah, but I don’t think that’d be the problem if it’s not an actual origin movie. That’s what the previous movies did, tell the origin of both the FF and Doc Doom.

Whereas in a this FF movie you’d establish their setting and the characters, have a minor villain like the Mole Man and then Doom as the movie’s big bad.


I think a new FF franchise should save a Dr. Doom conflict for the third film.


It’s incredibly optimistic to think an FF franchise can make it to a third film!