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Casting Fantastic Four and The X-Men in the MCU


I am all for Ansel Elgort as the Torch. And a Holland/Elgort Spidey/Torch MCU film has a lot of potential.


Can we slide Bobby Drake in there too?


That would be quite interesting.


I think it would be pretty awesome. They definitely have the family dynamic down.


Oh, yeah, I can see that…

Ben Grimm/The Thing will be CGI, so the voice will be the most important aspect of that character.

Dr. Doom… dunno. Jason Isaacs, maybe?


Rainn wilson? :grin:

I actually believe he’s got some pretty good acting even chops despite how cool it would be.


Which version of Dr Doom? They’ve cast two perfectly good actors in previous films, it’s not the casting that hasn’t worked.


Bypass Doom and bring on Annihilus.


Annihilus might come across too much like Thanos and the Chitauri. I’d go with Mole Man and make it the FF versus underground Kaiju.


Yes, I think you always start an FF franchise with Mole Man. Stick to what is tried and true. If nothing else it sets them up as EXPLORERS, which along with the family dynamic has always been what separates them apart from most superheroes. It’s also something we’ve never seen on screen before.


Mole Man, Namor, then Doom?


Namor needs his own movie.


I think you can go to Doom in the second movie. Set him up in the first. This approach seemed to work out OK for the Nolan Batman films.

Edit - And you can go CGI with Doom like they do for Iron Man. Byrne era costume. Don’t try to “update” it too much. That always turns out bad.



Do they have the rights to Namor or is he a separate issue from the Fox acquisition?

If they could use Namor then that would be a good place to start. He could be the new Loki. Doom has too much baggage so far as the FF movie franchise goes. At this point it would be like Nolan trying to use Mr Freeze in Batman Begins. Plus it allows them the chance to outdo DC and Aquaman, or at least generate more interest via the competition.


That’s because Begins is an origin movie, though, and I don’t think we need another FF origin movie. I would really, really like to see a proper Fantastic Four movie that just starts with them as they are - a family of superhero explorers who are also media stars. It’s a great setting, the story of how they got there not so much.


Seems like it might be a messy rights situation with Universal, similar to the one that prevents them from distributing a solo Hulk movie. As always though, what we know is based on old and incomplete information.


I disagree. I don’t think they need to devote 45 minutes to show the radiation and transformation, but the first film does need to answer the question of “who are these people and where did they come from?”

Even if it’s handled with subtlety or in flashbacks, the first Disney FF film should be an origin movie in a sense—I don’t think they can go the Homecoming route as Spidey’s a much more well-known character and Fox made such a cock-up of the FF.


Yeah, absolutely, where this is concerned. But an “origin movie”, for me, is one in which a substantial part of the movie - half to two thirds - is about how someone becomes the hero that he is at the end of the movie. Batman Begins, Strange, Cap 1, Iron Man. That kind of movie.

I really, really don’t think we need this for the FF. The origin story is kind of weak compared to what comes later. It’s a story you can do very, very well in flashbacks or in a montage like Snyder used in the Watchmen movie or the newspaper thing in Hellboy. Hell, you could use exhibition pieces for the opening credits to tell the story, and then segway into a tour of this exhibition in the Baxter Building with a guide telling the story. Something like that.

This also means you could start the movie with them fighting the Mole Man. Which is what we all want, obviously.


You can absolutely treat the FF’s origin in the same way as Morrison did Superman’s in All-Star … it can be condensed right down to its key points, delivered boom-boom-boom, and then just get on with telling a new story.

(Though telling a non-origin story AND integrating them into the MCU at the same time makes it a bit trickier)