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Casting Fantastic Four and The X-Men in the MCU


Who would like to see cast amongst the actors already in the MCU.

Maybe Tom Cruise as Reed Richards? Dwayne Johnson as The Thing? How about Bryan Cranston as Professor X? Maybe Ryan Gosling as Scott Summers? Matthew McConaghy as Gambit?

Cast away!!!


Just keep with what they have now until they leave naturally, for the X-side.

For Fantastic Four.
Dan Stevens as Silver Surfer.


I want Dan Stevens to be Legion in the MCU.


He can be both. Like how Vin Diesel lobbied to be Black Bolt after being Groot.


Marvel will cast actors who are really close to the comic counterparts as that’s what they do. I also think the kids are critical to the FF so I’d cast the main crew a bit older.

Reed - should be an actor in his 40’s who seems really smart. Skinny. Like a guy who lost his virginity at 30 and drifts into his own mind. Ed Norton would be great. Adrien Brody. Jonathan Rhys Meyers would be a great dangerous Reed.

Sue - need to be a convincing Mom, so you’re talking a nearly 40 blonde. Again, smarts are important, but a sense of toughness even more so. I like Kathryn Winnick a lot so her or someone like her.

Ben - clearly just voice acting. Need to have a thick New York accent and sound like someone from a tough background. Honestly I think Vin Deisel is the best guy for the role.

Johnny - can be any 30-ish young buck actor. This is a Han Solo type role, it needs someone who can pull of comedy but who looks like every girl wants to sleep with them. I think someone like Zac Ephron would work.


And we all remember how great he was as Black Bolt too.


Damn, nice burn


Reed- “duh” casting should be someone like Richard Madden.But I’m game for Riz Ahmed

Sue - Tasmin Egerton

Johnny - KJ Apa - Because I can’t do any fantasy casting without throwing a Riverdale pick in there…

Ben - Domenick Lombardozzi. The Thing should be 100 percent, Huik Level CGI, but Dom is the perfect personality for this. There should be no more need for an origin story so we can jump right in with him being full bore rock-guy.


Can we not get John Cena to play all of them?


Meryl Streep as Reed Richards


With Graham Norton as the voice of the Thing.


Can we have Dan Stevens as everybody?


But at some point you’re going to get the inevitable “Reed manages to turn Ben human again but it doesn’t stick/Ben changes his mind/it was all a dream/quick, think up another excuse to keep the status quo” storyline. So you need to cast for looks as well as voice.






Alright, I’ve never had a good mental reading voice for Classy Thing…but thanks to you that’s been corrected.


So like Vin Diesel?


Maybe David is more comfortable with Mark Sinclair doing the voice.


Actually, yeah. I couldn’t see past the bald head, but that’s just trivial. He would be a good Ben Grimm.


Hmm, if you’re going with a younger cast I might want to see something like:

Reed - Freddie Highmore
Sue - Saoirse Ronan
Johnny - Dylan O’Brien
Ben - Not sure, can’t really think of someone in that age range that makes sense.

Going with an older cast would open things up a lot more in all respects.

Older version of the cast maybe:

Reed - Hugh Dancy
Sue - Kristen Bell
Johnny - Dylan O’Brien (because Johnny can be several years younger than the rest of them and I just like the dude)
Ben - Channing Tatum