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Casting Duke McQueen in Starlight


In order, who do you think would be best as a former military pilot turned sci-fi hero back for one last gig…

Mel Gibson
Bruce Willis.

Just curious. We’re still at script stage and no casting yet. This is just for me. And bearing in mind the character is around 61.



Gibson (please be Gibson)

Stallone (His turn in Creed was perfect preparation, plus he has the frame)

Willis (his lack of hair puts me off. I can’t imagine McQueen without hair and I think Willis would look daft in a wig)

All 3 would be great and all 3 can act, but I’d love to see Gibson in the role.


I think a very subtle hair-piece like Moonrise Kingdom and he could look great (see below). It needs to be someone who you believe flying a space-ship. Does Stallone look too real-life to fly a space-ship? I dunno. I love him, but that’s my concern. Would it be like seeing DeNiro or Pacino behind the controls?


Like ChrisS said, Creed showed Stallone could be Duke and be great in the role. I like him.

But of the three would be great in their own way.


I’d go with Gibson, then Willis.
Wouldn’t really consider Stallone.


This thread has been running for almost two hours and no one has said Kurt Russell yet…curious.


Oh, if we’re going off book my #1 would still be Michael Rooker


From the list above, it would be either Gibson or Willis. Willis hasn’t really given a decent performance in years (maybe excepting Moonrise Kingdom). He can be a very good actor, when he is pushed. These days he just seems so lazy.

I would go with Gibson if he was still a viable leading man.


Tommy Lee Jones


I think Russell would be perfect. He has the right twinkle in his eye and could really handle the action in this. Plus it would finally settle once and for all what the best Kurt Russell film is on Millarworld. :wink:


And he’s a better actor than all of the other three (in my opinion).


Haha. I think these three would be the only contenders to be honest. This will be a 100 mill movie or more so they need someone who can do big international BO.



If you are going with Bruce Willis, you need a director who can challenge him. If you look at the movies that he’s best in, they are things that are slightly outside of his comfort zone. Terry Gilliam talked about really pushing Bruce Willis when they made Twelve Monkeys and stripping him of being the quippy invulnerable action man, of the lopsided grin etc.

He looked practically asleep in the last Die Hard (don’t watch it…I am happy to take that bullet for you). But he was great Moonrise Kingdom.


Either Willis or ARCHONIS.


He was also pretty good in Death Becomes Her.

Which I mention cause he looked similar to his character in Moonrise Kingdom…and cause Halloween.


Ya. I understand there are other concerns at play and would be ecstatic to see any of these guys work on it.

Isn’t it crazy that we live in a day when these fan castings actually have a shot at reality? I remember when Wizard used to do them and it was all just a fun “What if?”.


I think Stallone is the best pick. Coming off Creed I think he has the biggest box office draw of the three if he’s in the right project then Willis would be second choice as he is Box Office strong but also phones 90% of his work in these days. Is Mel Gibson still not box office poison?

Would Arnie not also be a good fit?


The answer to that would have to be Chrononauts, surely? :wink:

In joint position with The Thing, obviously.


The only answer should be this guy!

He’s the right age. Has made contact with the chief. It’s the other roll he was born to play.


Kurt. It has to be Kurt but if not, it absolutely has to be Bruce Willis. Yep, Bruce.