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Carol Danvers has been secretly cast by Marvel...


Hope Marvel doesn’t get mad that I’m revealing this. I got the part.

Can’t wait for costume fitting! Already got the stare/fist pose down.


It is one of the few Mandarin collars on a Marvel character!

Yeah, a bit of work on the eye shading, get you slightly grumpier … yeah, that’s work. :grin: (Oh, for Finnegan’s sake! THAT is supposed to be the “grin” smilie? Looks like a grapefruit having surgery without anasthesia.)


That is an almost eerie likeness.


Time to start a petition? :slight_smile:


They got the eye colour right this time!


If the boots are the right shade then there’s no way it can fail.


Blake, that is kind of uncanny…Hey, you got my vote.


When the comic first came out a few people (just my followers in Twitter, mainly) had thought that they actually used my face to design the new Captain Marvel, since the eye shape, nose and jaw line were so close (and of course I’m blond/blue eyed)

I know that’s probably not the case…but I like to pretend it is. :smiley:


If Carol is gonna go that blonde she needs to tint her eyebrows, though.


Maybe she’s related to Ken from Street Fighter.


Yeah I think they go to the same salon!


Actually, i’m the new Carol Danvers!
I’m shave, tucked, taped and ready for action…

Hang on wrong movie…
“it rubs the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose!”


i knew @BlakeNorthcott is Captain Marvel.